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Sony has been producing compact and system digital cameras for many years now, however, the firm experienced a set back within this particular market niche. Photography moguls the likes of Nikon and Canon set out to completely dominate the market within these particular niches, because of their recent lines of lower priced models, which became widely popular and successful throughout the entire world.

Moreover, instantly recognizable brands such as Nikon and Canon have always been quite standards in the world of professional filming and photography: it might get quite hard for Sony to break into such a specific niche and enjoy the very same credibility and reputation.

Nonetheless, Sony is probably one of the most well-respected and positively reviewed manufacturer of consumer electronics, including digital camera. Recently, the Japanese brand set out to introduce brand new Alpha range of DSLR cameras, particularly aiming to fight off the big “N” and the big “C”, the main competitors in the area of photographer.

The giant corporation from the land of the rising sound is certainly looking for a bigger piece of the pie when it comes to the DSLR camera market, and Sony’s ambition certainly reflect on the design, innovation and price range showcased throughout their brand new alpha line.

Sony is admittedly facing a wide number of challenges and some struggles to break into this particular market niche, being a relatively newcomer (it feels ironic to refer to such a brand with a long history as a newcomer, but in this case, it is quite true!); but it seems like the hard work is paying off, as well as the brave move to go for a relatively affordable price point, offering a great quality / price ratio to customers throughout the world. It is still kind of early to relate to the success of the product or to make any assumptions on the future of Sony within this particular market niche, but we can certainly keep our eyes focused…no pun intended!



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