Sony Unveils New ES Receiver Lineup


New Design and Performance Amplify, Simplify and Elevate the Standard in Multi-Room and Home Theater Entertainment.

Expanding on the superior performance of its unique ES (Elevated Standard) series, Sony today announced its 2003 ES-series, multi-channel audio/video receivers. Bundled with advanced audio and video performance features, this year’s receivers are designed to address all of the requirements in today’s highly competitive home audio market.

Leading the new receiver lineup is the STR-DA9000ES, which incorporates unrivaled audio technology with a new cosmetic design and enhanced user interface for simple yet comprehensive operation. Equipped with a 7 Channel Direct Drive Digital Amplifier using Sony’s® S-Master™ Pro processing and multi-room capabilities, the STR-DA9000ES exemplifies the unique benefits and flexibility of the ES Receivers to address whole house applications and multi-channel home theater. “The growth of DVD and Multi-channel Surround Systems has dramatically altered the home audio/video landscape,” said David Bent, marketing director for the Home Audio Products Division at Sony Electronics Inc. “As consumers continue to expand their home entertainment systems, our new ES receivers provide the latest technology to drive even the most discerning consumers home entertainment needs while providing simplicity and elegance that integrates with their lifestyle.”

Upgrading the Audio Experience

The new STR-DA9000ES features a high power seven channel amplifier design and decodes a multitude of the latest audio formats with dual 32-Bit decoders for Dolby® Digital EX, Dolby® Digital, dts®, dts-ES and Dolby® Pro Logic® II and Sony’s Digital Cinema Sound processing.

Capable of producing 7.1 channels of amplification, the STR-DA9000ES utilizes Auto Channel Grouping to convert 5.1 or 6.1 channels material to 7.1 channels of surround sound reproduction. If that were not enough, the STR-DA9000ES also has the ability to power a multiple array of speakers, in order to simulate a 9.1 channel listening experience, true to the characteristics of a Hollywood post production dubbing stage.

The STR-DA9000ES employs a new digital amplifier design, with simplified signal paths minimizing zero cross distortion and providing linear current and voltage characteristics. The newly designed amplifier features the Sony S-Master™ Pro processing, ideal for reproducing the latest high-resolution stereo and multi-channel music recordings by utilizing key technologies such as clean data cycle and S-tact® for jitter reduction during the processing of all digital signals.

Seamless Integration for Simple Operation

The STR-DA9000ES offers a variety of connectivity options including a DVI interface, video up-conversion from composite to S-Video and Component video simplifying the connection to the display device, and assignable digital inputs. For enhanced flexibility to integrate into a whole house system, the STR-DA9000ES has second A/V and third zone audio outputs with independent source selection, flexibility in custom control, and an RS-232C port that communicates with today’s multiple room automation systems and enables future firmware upgrades. In addition, the new model features infrared repeater input and outputs, as well as 12-volt triggers to maximize system flexibility. These features deliver the integration ability and performance benefits needed for advanced custom installations. The STR-DA9000ES also offers a comprehensive remote control device with a touch panel design that is simple to operate.

The STR-DA9000ES receiver will be available for around $4,500 this fall. Sony’s new ES line also includes the following models:

STR-DA5000ES – Offers 170 watts, a 7 Channel Direct Drive Digital Amplifier and includes three zone/three source output, RS-232C, assignable digital inputs and component video up conversion. The STR-DA5000ES includes a two-way pre-programming LCD remote with learning and MACRO capability and has the new elegant cascading silver front panel design. It will be available this fall for $1,500.

STR-DA3000ES – Provides 150 watts of power, a 7 Channel Direct Drive Digital Amplifier and includes two zone/two source output. RS-232C, assignable digital inputs and component video up conversion The STR-DA3000ES is equipped with a pre-programming LCD remote with learning and MACRO capability and has the new elegant cascading silver front panel design. The STR-DA3000ES will be available this fall for $1,000.

STR-DA2000ES – Features 120 watts of power, a 7 Channel Direct Drive Digital Amplifier, two-zone/two source audio output, RS-232C, assignable digital inputs, S-video up conversion, and a pre-programmed learning remote with MACRO capabilities. The STR-DA2000ES will be available in August for about $800.

STR-DA1000ES – Showcases quality construction found throughout the ES receiver lineup. The STR-DA1000ES offers 100 watts of power, 7 Channel Amplifier, component video switching, S-video up conversion, assignable digital inputs and is equipped with a pre-programmed remote with learning and MACRO capabilities. The STR-DA1000ES will be available in July for about $600.


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