Sony’s Versatile XM Satellite Radio Receiver Hits the Shelves


Unique “Plug-and-Play” Design Offers Consumers Anytime, Anywhere Listening

Sony’s XM “plug-and-play” Satellite Radio Receiver, the only XM receiver that allows consumers to enjoy satellite radio in both their car and home, is now rolling out to stores nationwide, coinciding with the launch of XM service throughout the remainder of the U.S.

Sony’s XM Satellite Radio Receiver (model: DRN-XM01) is the only satellite radio receiver is designed to work in the home and on the road. Whether custom or self-installed, Sony’s satellite receiver can be transported between multiple vehicles and the home with separate accessory kits. Consumers can also connect the XM receiver to the auxiliary input of a portable stereo or home stereo receiver to create a stand-alone XM stereo system. “The arrival at retail outlets of Sony’s XM Satellite Radio Receiver gives radio listeners what they want – true transportability to enjoy XM programming while on a road trip, in the home or office or even in a boat,” said Todd Schrader, vice president of Sony Electronics’ Personal Mobile Products Division.

Sony’s Satellite Radio Receiver has a two-line, blue backlit LCD that displays a 20-character summary of the current program choice, including station identification, song title, name of artist and time of day. The receiver also features five-station presets and Sony’s Jog DialÔ navigator for searching and locating stations easily.

The “plug-and-play” receiver is available in three configurations: Home, Self-Installation Car and Custom Installation Car. If consumers have purchased the Home kit or either of the car kits, they have the option of purchasing the Home or Car Accessory kit without repurchasing the receiver.

Home Unit (DRN-XM01H)

For listeners who want to enjoy the sounds of XM Satellite radio from their home, the home package is bundled with everything needed to connect to a home audio system. The DRN-XM01H unit is equipped with a receiver, Remote Commander® control, antenna, audio cable, AC power adapter and home cradle stand. The DRN-XM01H is available for about $300.

Self-Installation Car (DRN-XM01C)

On the move listeners can purchase the Self-Installation Car package, also for about $300. It comes with the receiver, Remote Commander control, antenna, cassette adapter, cigarette lighter power adapter, mounting accessories and car cradle stand.

Custom Installation Car (DRN-XM01R)

The custom installation car package with RF modulator includes the receiver, Remote Commander control, antenna, RF modulator, mounting accessories and car cradle stand. The RF modulator allows the satellite radio receiver to be custom installed with any car stereo system. The DRN-XM01R model is available for about $400.

Home Accessory Kit (DRN-XM-01HK)

The home accessory kit, for those who bought the car bundle and want to bring tunes and programming into the living room, includes a home cradle, antenna, home Remote Commander control, audio cable and AC power adapter. The DRN-XM01HK is available for about $150.

Car Accessory Kit (DRN-XM01CK)

For those who bought the home package and want to bring XM on the road with them, or bought a car package and want to use the receiver in another car, the car accessory kit includes a car cradle, antenna, car Remote Commander control, cassette adapter, cigarette lighter power adapter and mounting accessories. It is available for about $150.


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