Sony’s new ES multi-channel a/v receivers and preamplifier provide the ultimate


NEW YORK (HOME ENTERTAINMENT SHOW), May 11, 2001 – Sony Electronics today introduced its most advanced A/V receivers, designed to greatly enhance the multi-channel audio and home theater experience, along with a preamplifier that’s ideal for multi-channel music needs.

With these new ES receivers, consumers can experience the excitement of DVD movies with Dolby Digital™, dts®, and 6.1 encoded soundtracks, thanks to extensive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) power, 6.1 decoding, and a six-channel amplifier design. The receivers, models STR-DA3 and STR-DA5, also support the extended frequency range for playback of the latest high-resolution multi-channel SACD discs.

“The finest home theater systems require advanced receiver technology that optimizes both video and audio resolution,” said Tim Baxter, senior vice president of the Home Entertainment Products Division. “Our new A/V receivers expand the excitement of multi-channel sound to another level. The result is incredible sound, whether for home theater or multi-channel music sources such as SACD.”

Advanced A/V Receivers

Each receiver uses a 32-bit decoder plus dual 32-bit chips for digital signal processing. With this feature, Dolby Digital and dts decoding is handled by a 32-bit engine, while all of the Digital Signal Processing, such as Sony’s exclusive Digital Cinema Sound ™ (DCS) and 6.1 processing, are handled by two dedicated 32-bit processors.

New this year in both A/V receiver models is a multi-channel/two-channel direct function, which shuts down all digital circuitry optimizing sound quality when listening to an analog source.

The new STR-DA5ES A/V receiver, with 110 watts of power through all six channels, features three-zone output with three-source independent selection, including amplifier reallocation for one zone which provides an amplified speaker terminal output to eliminate the need for an additional amplifier in that zone. Multi-channel music sources are handled through 5.1 channel input, which is in addition to 7.1 multi-channel input.

For optimal system flexibility, the STR-DA5ES A/V receiver also features preamp outputs, four assignable optical digital and two coaxial digital inputs, a front A/V input, and multiple audio inputs. It also features component video with High Definition (HD) pass- through capability. The new model comes complete with an RS-232C input for software upgrades via its flash memory.

The second new receiver, the STR-DA3ES, features 100 watts of power in six channels, Dolby Digital, dts, and 6.1 decoding and like the DA5ES, has dedicated 32-bit decoder and dual 32-bit DSP. It also features two-zone, three-room A/V outputs with independent source selection, a pre-programmed learning remote with macro capability, and both 5.1 and 7.1 inputs.

The STR-DA5ES and the STR-DA3ES will be available this fall for about $1,500 and $1,000, respectively.

Multi-Channel Preamplifier

The new preamplifier, model TA-P9000ES, can be easily integrated with any amplifier and speaker system, allowing consumers to adjust volume, balance and individual level settings for up to six channels, delivering the quality and precision consumers expect of Sony, Baxter added. The TA-P9000ES preamplifier will be available in the fall for about $700.

The STR-DA5ES, the STR-DA3ES and the TA-P9000ES carry the standard Sony ES five-year limited parts and labor warranty.



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