Sony Extends Home Audio And Video Performance With New ES Receivers


Enhanced Technical Features Elevate Multi-Room Home Theater Entertainment.

Sony Electronics today announced a new line of ES (Elevated Standard) multi-channel audio/video receivers that are expandable for multi-room environments, making them ideal for home entertainment.

Equipped with superb performance technology such as up to seven channels of audio/video, the ES receivers are allowing consumers to extend their systems throughout their homes. Sony’s new, four-model receiver line-up, led by the STR-DA7ES, simplifies home entertainment expansion with such convenient features as second- and third-room AV outputs with independent source selection and volume control.

“More than ever, home theater enthusiasts are looking for single room operation and installing multi-room AV systems as part of their total, custom integrated solutions,” said David Bent, marketing director for the Home Entertainment Products Division at Sony Electronics. “Our ES receivers offer high quality build construction, enhancements to our proven sonic performance capabilities, and a host of features that help simplify the often complicated task of creating a multi-room system. Whether a system is being built or custom installed, our receivers easily serve as the foundation of a multi-room home audio and video system.”

ES Receiver STR-DA4ES
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Advanced Multi-Channel, Surround Sound Audio Performance

Sony’s STR-DA7ES received offers full compatibility with many existing surround sound formats to produce the ultimate in multi-channel audio performance available today. Sony’s new ES receivers meet the demands of discerning audiophiles by supporting a wide range of formats, including Dolby Digital™ EX 6.1-channel sound, Dolby® Pro Logic® II, dts®-ES 96/24, ES matrix 6.1, and Neo6.

With its extensive processing power and seven-channel amplifier, the STR-DA7ES model can create two “Surround Back” channels emulating a theater environment in the home. This unit also features 32-bit decoding, 120 watts in each of the seven channels, numerous digital and analog input/outputs, convenient video upconversion from composite to S-video, component video switching, frame and beam construction, a new analog down mix mode, and a rechargeable touch panel two-way pre-programmed LCD remote control.

The STR-DA7ES, STR-DA4ES, and the STR-DA2ES receivers all include video upconversion, minimizing connections required from the receiver to the television.

Multi-Room Functionality For Home Theater Enthusiasts

The STR-DA7ES model is equipped with second-room AV outputs and an additional third-room audio output to simplify the process of expanding the access and control of the main system source component in additional rooms. With an independent source selection and volume adjustment, the receiver enables home theater lovers to watch a film in the main room and have full access to their music collection from any other room linked to the system at the same time.

For advanced custom installations of a multi-room system, the STR-DA7ES receiver incorporates RS-232C ports that help communicate with many of today’s room automation systems while enabling future firmware upgrades. Additionally, the new model features an infrared repeater input and two outputs, as well as 12-volt triggers to integrate with other compatible components, custom curtains, screens and lighting systems.

The STR-DA7ES receiver is currently available for around $2,300. Sony’s new ES line also includes the following models:

STR-DA4ES – Offers the same functions as the STR-DA7ES including the RS-232C ports, and features 6.1-channel audio, second-room AV outputs, 110 watts of total power through all seven channels, two-zone/source, two A/V outputs and two 12-volt triggers. The STR-DA4ES includes a pre-programmed one-way LCD remote with learning and MACRO capability. It is available now for about $1,000.

STR-DA2ES – Features 100 watts of power in six channels, two-zone/source audio output, front A/V with optional dts inputs, and a pre-programmed learning remote with MACRO capabilities. The STR-DA2ES is now available for about $700.

STR-DA1ES – Features the quality construction foundation of other ES receiver models. It has 100 watts of power in five channels, component video switching, Dolby Digital, dts, and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding, and a pre-programmed remote with learning and MACRO capabilities. The STR-DA1ES is available for around $500.


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