Sony debuts new speaker designs to support today’s Home Entertainment lifestyles


INDIANAPOLIS (CEDIA, Booth #616), Sept. 6, 2001 _ Sony Electronics today introduced its most stylish speakers designed to enhance the enjoyment of surround sound and multi-channel audio/video entertainment in the home.

With two new lines of speaker systems, the sleek SS-LA Series, for enjoying multi-channel high resolution audio, and the easy-to-install In-Wall Speaker Systems, for use as “rear” speakers or for whole house systems, consumers can now fully experience the dynamic sound range in today’s DVDs and audio entertainment.

“Our new speakers support the lifestyle needs of consumers who want great designs in their homes along with great sound, whether they enjoy the latest multi-channel Super Audio CDs, or the latest DVDs with 5.1 surround sound,” said Tim Baxter, senior vice president of Sony’s Home Entertainment Products Division.

Continuing the Legacy of Superb Audio

The SS-LA Series includes three models: the SA-WD200 digital subwoofer; the SS-LAC505ED center-channel speaker; and the SS-LA500ED micro monitor speaker.

A result of Sony’s expertise in audio performance and design, the SS-LA Series represent a new approach to sound reproduction.

The SA-WD200 active subwoofer employs a newly designed 250-watt digital amplifier and twin powerful long-stroke woofers that deliver remarkable bass response.

The SS-LA500ED micro monitor speakers are made of sleek and sturdy magnesium alloy cabinets with a unique design that improves sound characteristics. They also feature optimum time alignment of the woofer and tweeter, resulting in a more natural sound field. Designed with high-resolution audio in mind, they feature an extended definition tweeter, and as a result, can provide frequency response to 70 kHz for superior reproduction of high frequencies.

With the supplied pedestal stands with a new integrated ball joint design, placement is possible at virtually any angle, on tabletops, walls or ceilings. Optional floor stands are also available.

The center channel speaker, model SS-LAC505ED, also has a vertical shelf mount with supplied base.

The SS-LA Series come in two colors, silver (which compliments Sony’s Wega® TVs) or pearl white. They will be available at select Sony dealer locations this fall, at the following suggested prices:

SA-WD200 subwoofer at about $500;

SS-LAC505ED center-channel speaker at around $250; and

SS-LA500ED micro monitor speaker at about $200.

High Performance That Blends With Your Décor

Sony’s In-Wall Speaker Systems are ideal for use in a home theater environment as “rear” speakers or for a whole house music system. It is possible to hear music throughout the house without seeing speakers in every room.

The In-Wall Speaker Systems blend with your home décor without sacrificing precious floor space. Each speaker includes a grille and frame that can be painted to match wall color.

Sound quality is enhanced via nano-fine tweeters featuring a balanced dome design for wide dispersion and reduced distortion—important for optimizing today’s high-resolution audio formats such as SACD.

Two In-Wall Speaker Systems are offered. Model SS-WL10H features a two-way system with a 5-inch Highly Oriented Polyolefine (HOP) woofer that delivers dynamic sound with low distortion, with up to 100 watts maximum input power. Frequency response of the speakers is 60 Hz-50 kHz*.

The step-up model SS-WL30H features a two-way system with a 6-1/2-inch HOP woofer and 120 watts maximum input power. Frequency response is 50 Hz-50 kHz*.

The new In-Wall Speaker Systems are simple to install. Included in each system is a step-by-step installation guide for wall placement, wall opening and wire installation. Using the supplied integrated frame clamps with the easy mounting brackets, the installation can be done quickly.

The SS-WL10H model will be available this month for about $200. The SS-WL30H speakers, also available this month, will cost about $300.

*Low frequency response may vary by installation.



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