Sony Bridges Advanced Performance with Lifestyle Convenience in New Integrated Digital A/V Receivers


Stylish Super Audio CD/DVD-Video Components Incorporate Digital Amplifiers.

Sony Electronics today announced two new integrated digital A/V receivers in its ES (Elevated Standard) line with both multichannel Super Audio CD (SACD) and progressive scan output DVD-Video playback. These components can serve as the foundation for a home theater system, providing enthusiasts with superb multichannel performance and elegant styling.

Sony’s newest ES components, the five-disc AVD-C70ES and single-disc AVD-S50ES, set the “elevated standard” in integrated A/V design by incorporating such key technical advancements as a multichannel SACD D/A converter; full multichannel bass management; progressive scan output DVD-Video playback, and a newly developed high-powered digital drive amplifier. “With over 1 million SACD players installed worldwide, the demand for high-resolution audio in the home has never been greater,” said Tim Baxter, senior vice president of the Home Entertainment Products Division at Sony Electronics. “Our new ES components offer outstanding performance, along with graceful design and superb build quality to provide even the most discriminating A/V enthusiast with a potent home entertainment solution.”

Superb Multichannel Audio Performance

Among the key attributes of the AVD C70ES and AVD-S50ES is the power and detail of SACD playback. In order to capture and reproduce the full performance of SACD, Sony is utilizing a new multichannel Super Audio D/A converter that shapes and suppresses high-frequency noise while maintaining the superb frequency response of the 1-bit, 2,822,400 Hz Direct Stream Digital® signal.

There’s also multichannel bass management for accommodating a wide variety of speaker options. These include large front/small surround speakers, system with or without center channel speakers and systems with or without subwoofers.

For those looking to match speakers with the AVD-C70ES and AVD-S50ES, Sony is also offering home theater packages including the SS-LA500 and SS-LA300 5.1 speaker systems.

Audio Performance Enhanced by S-Master™ Process

Both of the new receivers provide multichannel SACD playback by employing a new, digital amplifier that directly accepts the 1-bit converter output for optimal performance. .

In addition, a proprietary S-Master process helps reduce the effects of low frequency jitter. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, a clean data cycle is regenerated and the result is equivalent to the A/D converted signal processed in the studio.

A precision pulse height volume control is also used to maintain audio data in the digital domain for more uniform sound reproduction and at any volume level settings.

High Quality Combined with Elegant, Simple Design

Like all Sony ES products, the emphasis is not only performance, but also on the seamless integration into the home environment. These models utilize a simple, elegant design with aluminum front panels that complement the design found on many Sony television and video products

These new integrated A/V components are easy to operate with simple panel controls and a clever remote. Their graceful designs are save space and integrate beautifully into a home theater system.

The AVD-C70ES, with 600 watts of total system power (120 watts x 5), is also equipped with a preprogrammed LCD remote control, providing for simply remote management of an entire home theater system. The AVD-S50ES provides a picture-in-picture remote control and offers 500 watts (100 x 5) of total system power

The AVD-C70ES and AVD-S50ES will be available in September for about $1,000 and $800, respectively, and are covered by Sony’s ES five-year parts and labor warranty.

For those looking to complement the new receivers with a speaker package, Sony is also offering these models in home theater packages that include the SS-LA500ED and SS-LA300ED 5.1 speaker systems.


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