[CES 2009] New Walkman Players Feature a Cordless Solution, an OLED Touch Screen and Noise Canceling Technology


Today at the Consumer Electronics show, Sony unveiled its latest Walkman® MP3 players. They include the W-series Walkman® MP3 player NWZ-W202, featuring a cord-free, wearable design, and the X-series Walkman® Video MP3 player NWZ-X1000 models that not only support Wi-Fi technology – but for the first time – features both an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) touch screen and digital noise cancellation capability.

“Each new Walkman series has different points of appeal that integrate Sony’s latest technologies and engineering prowess,” said Andrew Sivori, director for Walkman players in the Audio Products Division at Sony Electronics. “These devices provide a unique audio experience that satisfies consumers who demand innovation, performance and convenience from their digital music player without sacrificing the sound quality.”

X-Series Walkman Video MP3 Player

The new X-Series Walkman Video MP3 player focuses on enhancing audio/video playback with hardware that enables best of breed performance and an amazing portable experience.

Incorporating a wide 3-inch OLED touch screen, the display delivers a picture with extremely high contrast, exceptional color reproduction and a rapid response time.  Usability is also enhanced with this model as the device utilizes both touch panel operation and a hybrid button system to improve upon the navigation experience.

Along with the superb video experience, the X-series Walkman Video MP3 player delivers incredible sound quality utilizing Sony’s Digital Clear Audio Technologies: Digital Amplifier ”S-Master,” Digital Noise Canceling and Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE).  These digital clear audio technologies fill in the high tones that can be lost during file compression, enhance the bass, minimize distortion and maintain a consistent channel signal.

Digital Noise-Canceling Arrives

To further enhance the listening experience, Sony’s X-series Walkman® Video MP3 players are the industry’s first to offer digital noise canceling technology.  Having this feature integrated into the device allows for amazing audio fidelity via the accompanying 13.5 mm EX headphones.  The video MP3 player uses a unique digital noise canceling (DNC) software engine to block out ambient noise, while providing a high-quality audio experience.  The headphones deliver premium noise cancellation, along with balanced and rich sound.

Sony’s DNC software engine makes it possible for the digital noise canceling device to work most effectively on an airplane, which uses a different filter in the digital signal processor specifically tuned for this environment.  Travelers can turn on the noise canceling feature and get peace and quiet even without listening to music.

Prime Connectivity

Utilizing built-in Wi-Fi technology, the X-series Walkman Video MP3 players let you access an Internet web browser and such other features as direct podcast downloads, YouTube™ streaming, and a “Related Links” function for a quick search of content via YouTube™ using the name of the song, artist or album.

Marking Sony’s first Walkman product with Wi-Fi integration, the X-series Walkman Video MP3 player is a smart device for consumers who want to stay connected at all times.

W-Series Walkman® MP3 Player

The W-series Walkman MP3 player boasts an industrial design that is simple and cord-free.  Perfect for audiophiles who seek a second device for the gym and leisure use, the NWZ-W202 model is a showcase of Sony hardware expertise and sound engineering — all within an active headphone design.  This design eliminates the inconvenience of wires and makes it easier to listen to music virtually anywhere, anytime.

In addition to the sound quality provided by its 13.5mm EX headphones, the new W-series Walkman MP3 player also includes Sony’s ZAPPINâ„¢ function, which offers an effortless way of browsing, searching and listening to music without a display.  The ZAPPIN mode, operated with a Jog Dial, helps you find tunes easily by playing popular clips of each song in your device’s music library until a favorite is selected.

Wearable Music

Fitness fanatics or those who do anything active while listening to music are freed from headphone cords with the W-series Walkman MP3 player.  With its compact, light weight body, this design fits comfortably behind-the-neck.  The new player also offers a quick charge feature which allows the device to play back up to 90 minutes of music with only a three-minute charge and up to 12 hours of music with a full charge.  By eliminating cords and excuses, the W-series Walkman MP3 player makes taking your music with you that much easier.

With the supplied “Content Transfer” you can easily transfer non-DRM music files by “drag and drop” from online music services such as iTunesâ„¢ to the Walkman device.  It also comes with accessories, including a holder and charging stand with a USB miniB plug.

Pricing and Availability

The X-series Walkman video MP3 players will be available in early summer and will come in two different storage capacities in black:

* The NWZ- X1051 has about 16GB of internal storage and suggested cost is still to be determined.

* The NWZ- X1061 has about 32GB of internal storage and the recommended price is still to be determined.

The W-series of cordless Walkman MP3 players will be available in April and come in the following configuration:

* The NWZ-W202 will be offered in black and pink, has about 2GB of internal storage and will cost about $70.


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