Be Inspired As You Perspire With Sony’s New S2 Sports Line


Built for action, Sony’s new S2 Sports™ line of portable audio products are getting an extreme makeover with radical new designs and progressive technology.

The 2004 S2® product line is being enhanced with the addition of two new ATRAC®CD Walkman® players, an ATRAC CD boombox, a bicycle radio, and a newly designed radio Walkman headphone.

All of the new models incorporate such core features as water and shock resistance, as well as active control. Additionally, all the ATRAC technology enabled S2 players will also play back ATRAC3™/ATRAC3plus™ and MP3 encoded CD-R/RW discs, and will be compatible with the new Connect™ online music service.

“Two years ago Sony broke new ground in portable audio with the launch of S2 players with its fusion of fashion, lifestyle and sports in a line of products influenced by the extreme games of today,” said Joe Novelli, director for portable audio products at Sony Electronics. “Our latest S2 players take this premise a step further with new cutting-edge features that give music lovers and would-be athletes even more reason to get moving.”

S2 Sports ATRAC CD Walkman Players

“Off-the-hook” best describes the funky new look of the D-NS505 and D-NS707F S2 Sports CD Walkman models, which will both be available in May. Their full-circle design with attached hand strap is very ergonomic and puts the music right in your palm. A two-line dot matrix display is built into the strap so you can quickly identify your tracks while in motion. With their ability to store up to 490 songs (when recording in 48 kbps) on one disc and provide up to 50 hours of continuous playback on two “AA” batteries, these players are ready to run a marathon.

The new D-NS505 S2 Sports ATRAC CD Walkman player will be offered for about $80. Stepping up with an AM/FM/TV/Weather digital tuner, the D-NS707F model will sell for about $100.

S2 Sports ATRAC CD/Tuner Boombox

White-hot with an ultramodern new form, the ZS-XN30 model is so juiced-up with features that it will change the way you think about boomboxes. Fire it up with its Mega Bass® and new dual passive, radiator bass enhancement sound systems, which produce enough rich, powerful sound to turn a picnic at the beach into a full-blown party. And don’t worry about errant beach-balls knocking into the fun, ESP2™ shock protection technology helps reduce skipping during many active uses. A digital AM/FM stereo tuner, a choice of CD play modes, and a four-line dot matrix display complete the package.

The ZS-XN30 S2 Sports CD/Tuner boombox will be available in April for about $130.

S2 Sports Bicycle Radio

Whether you’re training for the Tour De France™ or taking a tour of Nantucket, the new S2 bicycle radio puts the “fun” in function and helps you get more from your ride. Its triangular, half-moon shape makes the radio ideal for mounting on bicycle handle bars with the controls in easy reach. The built-in cycle computer includes a clock display and training tools like a speed meter, odometer, trip distance meter, ride time, average speed and max speed. A digital synthesized AM/FM tuner, lets you access your favorite radio station from 15 memory presets.

The ICF-M88B S2 Sports bicycle radio will be available in June for about $60.

S2 Sports Radio Walkman Headphones

The S2 Sports Walkman headphone radio has a slick new aerodynamic design for maximum comfort and great style. The radio’s digital AM/FM/TV tuner has 30-station presets so you never have to miss your program. And the handy weather band will help you avoid getting caught in the rain.

The SRF-HMO3V headphone radio will be available in April for about $60.


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