Attention Extreme Sports Fans: Sony’s New S2 Sports Line Ready To Be Pushed To The Edge


Imagine the spine-tingling feeling of the wind screaming past your ears, adrenaline racing through your body, music pumping in your veins. This is the extreme life where Sony’s new S2 SportsTM line of portable audio products fits perfectly. You name it – back country, rails, courts, roads this gear is designed to perform anywhere.

Created for the “fashion forward”, the new S2 line features a radical, pearl white and orange look. New ergonomic shapes and advanced features are the rage in the S2 Sports line which includes two CD Walkman® players, a Net MDTM Walkman recorder, a boombox, an armband radio and coordinating headphones. For maximum performance, the creation of the S2 line is based on four key concepts: water resistance, reflective finish, active control and impact resistance.

“Sony led the way 15 years ago with the first line of sports electronics gear – which countless manufacturers have since tried to emulate,” said Todd Schrader, Vice President of marketing for Sony Electronics’ personal audio products. “As the definition of sports evolves, we have adapted our sports line to meet the needs of the more extreme Gen Y enthusiasts. As a result, S2 has an extreme look and cutting-edge features.”

S2 Net MD (MZ-S1)

Sony’s S2 line breaks new ground with the first sports Net MD player/recorder. A direct USB connection allows tune-addicts to transfer more than five hours of music to one $2 disc at up to 32x the normal recording speed. It is outfitted with Sony’s skip-free G-Protection™ technology, extended battery life and MiniDisc Long Play for recording over five hours of music on a standard 80-minute disc.

The MZ-S1 model also sports a reflective body with shiny surface for easy nighttime recognition. OpenMGTM Jukebox software, the QuickRip CD dubbing application and a USB connecting cable are included. The S2 Net MD Walkman personal stereo will be available in April and is expected to sell for about $180.

S2 Boombox (ZS-X3CP)

The lightweight S2 CD boombox features an easy-to-carry handle, making it the perfect companion for active sports gurus who want to rock out at the beach or on the slopes. The new ZS-X3CP model is equipped with MP3 playback capabilities and a backlit, four-line dot matrix LCD display to facilitate file navigation. ESP2 TM CD shock protection works to prevent skips and its water-resistant, high-impact design helps keep out moisture, sand and dirt.

The unit has a digital synthesized AM/FM stereo tuner and 20 memory presets for easy access to favorite stations. It will be available in March for about $150.

S2 CD Walkman Players

Active consumers want their music with them anytime, anywhere. Sony’s S2 CD Walkman players are the ideal companions, delivering uninterrupted listening. All three models ( D-SJ301, D-CS901and D-FS601) players are equipped with skip-free G-Protection™ technology, which offers up to 15 times faster shock recovery than conventional skip protection.

For active control on-the-go, the D-SJ301 model features an ergonomic shape and Jog Stick Control function that fits naturally in the hand and enables easy access to playback controls. With CD-R/RW playback capabilities, 64-track RMS programming and nine playback modes, this model also offers expanded listening and customizing options. It will be available next month for about $100.

In addition to the features loaded on the D-SJ301 model, the D-FS601 S2 CD Walkman player includes an AM/FM radio tuner, a TV weather band and 51 pre-set stations. This pumped-up model will be available in July for about $130.

The D-CS901 CD Walkman features CD-R/RW and MP3 playback capabilities. A two-line/10-character dot matrix LCD displays track titles and folder information. The easy-access folder function let users quickly navigate between multiple MP3 folders. The variable bit-rate allows playback of MP3 files recorded at any rate from 8 to 320 kbps.

The D-CS901 S2 CD Walkman comes with two rechargeable Nickel Cadmium batteries. It has the ability to achieve up to 24 hours of continuous MP3 music playback with the addition of one “AA” type battery. Available in July, it will sell for approximately $150.

S2 Arm Band Radio (SRF-M80V) and Street Style® Headset Radio (SRF-HM01V)

Sony’s SRF-M80V arm band and SRF-HM01V Street Style® headset radios offer a hands-free workout with a comfortable wrap-around armband or behind the neck headphone style. For the first time ever, these new models feature a weather band™ tuning function and a TV tuner, allowing users to listen to their favorite television programs. In addition, the devices are equipped with an AM/FM digital synthesized tuner and a stopwatch with split-timer functions.

The arm band is designed with a convenient LED display angle, ergonomic layout of keys, and 25 presets allowing for easy control without interrupting activity. Complete with Sony Sports vertical in-the-ear headphones, the new arm band radio will be available next month for about $50.

Also available next month, the Street Style headset radio offers 30-station preset memory and operates on one “AAA” type battery. It is expected to sell for about $60.

S2 Headphones

To compliment the S2 portable audio devices, the new line features the Street Style headphones. The popular behind-the-neck headband offers a non-slip design for a secure fit on the ears – ensuring uninterrupted sound, even during extreme activity.

The latest MDR-G57G Street Sttyle headphones feature 30mm neodymium magnets that deliver a deeper, more powerful bass and cleaner sound. Available next month, the new headphones will sell for about $30.

Sony’s Sports line also includes two vertical-in-the ear type headphones that feature a moisture guard mechanism that repels moisture away from the ear. At about $15 The MDR-W25G headphones are an affordable way to experience S2 Sports.

The MDR-A35G headphones, which have a compact folding design, are equipped with 16mm neodymium magnets and have twin turbo circuitry for powerful bass sound. These in-the-ear headphones will also be available in March for about $20.

S2 Sports Walkman Personal Stereo Cassette Players

(WM-FSS555 and WM-FS556)

The S2 design reinvents a classic with two new Walkman stereo cassette players. Both the WM-FSS555 and WM-FS556 models feature a digital AM/FM stereo tuner as well as a TV tuner and weather band. A 40 station preset memory enables users to maximize tuning functions while 30 hours of battery life and a belt clip make the players the perfect gym accessory.

The WM-FS556 model comes supplied with fashionable S2 w.ear headphones. It will be offered next month for about $60. Also offered next month, WM-FS555 Walkman cassette player is expected to sell for $50.


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