LG flat-screen TV gets Razor thin (How skinny can these go?)


How skinny is too skinny for TVs? Think your TV is pretty slim? After seeing LG’s new television, you may want to put that flat-screen of yours on a diet.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer unveiled a television Wednesday that is less than 7 millimeters thick.

The product, which is so new it doesn’t have a name, was brought on stage briefly during an LG press event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It looked to be not much thicker than a piece of posterboard.

A spokeswoman said the TV should be available late this year.

Previously, LG’s thinnest TV was 23.3 millimeters thick, or about three times as wide as the new hyper-slim television, said Woo Paik, LG’s chief technology officer.

“This is a brand new product, and it’s very exciting,” Woo said at the event.

Few details on the super-skinny TV were immediately available. LG announced a number of new television products in its Infinia line, and representatives said most of the company’s TVs this year will be connected to the Internet and to other home devices, a trend the industry calls “connected TV.”

The company emphasized the diversity of its product lines — from smartphones with projectors to energy-efficient washing machines — and said 3-D television will soon be available from LG.


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