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View topic - WANTED: SS-M3 and/or SS-M7 speakers

WANTED: SS-M3 and/or SS-M7 speakers

This is the place for where you can post links to great Sony related deals that you found on the internet. You can also lists products that you want. Also, groupbuys deals are listed.

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by RideTheSolarWinds » Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:10 am

Hey guys,
After managing to obtain a complete SS-X speaker set for my surround sound I'm now wanting to upgrade my stereo setup(s).

While my SS-X90ED speakers are exceptional for stereo music I have another room and setup dedicated to music listening. Also a stereo setup for my PC where I do a lot of critical listening and recording.[

So now I'm chasing the elusive and very well regarded M-series. I don't have the money (or space really) to afford the holy grail SS-M9EDs so I'm after the M3s and M7s. The M7 speakers in particular I have heard A LOT of praise about for their accuracy, transparency and huge soundstage.

If any of you guys have these for sale or know anywhere I could get some please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated!

(posted this in another forum but I figured I can get more exposure)

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by jigerfitano » Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:33 am

I will share this on my social networking site .I sure that my some friends help you.

appartement de luxe

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