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View topic - Selling 7" Sony Projection CRTs

Selling 7" Sony Projection CRTs

This is the place for where you can post links to great Sony related deals that you found on the internet. You can also lists products that you want. Also, groupbuys deals are listed.

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by anykey » Sat Feb 26, 2011 7:57 pm

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Have a total of 28 Sony7" CRT, new condition - still  in original unopened boxes - thatI would like to sell, and that I really haven't a clue about fair pricing orwhere to go toward selling.

9each Sony P/N: 8-733-570-35  07MXC2(G) (NEW GUN)
9 each Sony P/N: 8-733-574-25  07MAC2(B),
3each Sony P/N: 8-733-578-15  07MXC2(RV)
7 each Sony P/N: 8-733-578-25  07MXC2(RV)
Located in Atlanta, Georgia

Can anybody point me in the right direction in the resell market offering as alot and any suggestions on a fair asking price? Would be greatly appreciated.
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