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View topic - Selling Mint ES Seperates CD, STEREO TUNER, CASSETTE DECK


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by submariner » Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:47 am

Due to a re-vamp and a move [note I don't say upgrade] to surround sound I want to sell some really mint condition seperates .  Happy to offer money back guarrantee etc.- sadly no room:

Kit as follows:-

1. Sony STS 730ES Stereo Tuner - SST & IF technology S/N 95db, Harm. Dist.  0.02%, 4.6Kgs [Absolutely Blows away my STR DA 7100ES's internal tuner in quality and ease of use!]

2. Sony TCK - 650 Stereo Cassette Deck TDH 1.0%, Wow and Flutter 0.05%, 4.9KG's - about as good as cassette can get - one for the collectors - probably only used for 6 hours! [discovered CD's! shortly afterwards]

Possibly also
3. My cherished CDP 228 ES CD Player - Gib Chassis SN > 110DB, Dynamic Range > 100db, Harm. Dist. < .0025% , 6.2KG's - Will only sell if the new BDP-S5000ES a] comes to England within 2 months b] is under £1,000 and c] can play CD's nearly ( 75% ) as well as this.

I mention the weights as to me it indicates a build quality sadly missing in today's SONY kit.

I also have a really heavy-weight Target 5 tier rack that is up for grabs, base isolation spikes and castor options - + adjustable spikes on glass phono shelf.

May also consider selling TA-F7770ES Stereo Amp 140+140 watts. THD 0.002%, 20.6 kgs, 760 watts total A+B speakers.  But the price would have to be good on this one as it's Sound Quality is so good and I am currently using it to power 2 channels to get the quality up on the 7100ES AVR - yet again it's a real space issue and I just can't afford  the divorce.  If only Sony made AV Receivers with amps like this!!!

1. Any ideas of values? - much appreciated - as I really don't want to sell this kit for nothing.
2. Where is the best place to sell stuff like this? - advice much appreciated
3. Any one interested - please post and let me know - I'm based in Berkshire UK
Best Regards
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