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View topic - capturing video to Mac

capturing video to Mac

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by abb63 » Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:45 pm


Firstly, apologies if my question seems somewhat basic or is in the wrong forum, but I'm seeking a bit of technical advice for an elderly friend. She has a Sony DCR-TRV50E and would like to transfer some of the footage she has onto her Mac. Unfortunately, she no longer has possession of the manual and I am completely ignorant when it comes to these camcorders.

Is there a particular lead / USB cable that she will need to purchase for this model to complete the transfer - any recommended makes?

What, if any, editing software is needed / recommended for this process - bearing in mind that she isn’t the most computer literate person, so it would have to be very simple to use.

Would you suggest purchasing an external hard drive to ease the memory on her Mac - does it make the process any faster?

I would very much appreciate any advice or further questions you may have


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