Welcome to Agoraquest

With over 99,000 members, we are one of the largest Sony related websites. We are not affiliated with Sony and Agoraquest.com are updated by me and a couple of moderators.

You’re probably wondering what Agoraquest means. Well let me first tell you how this website got started.

How it all got started:

I bought a Sony Wega(a 36FS12 to be specific) and wanted to find out the best way to optimize the picture. So I looked online to find a Sony specific site that could help me with questions on how to create the best picture, what cables I should use and what is the best stand to have. However, after looking at the Internet for hours, I couldn’t find one single good Sony site.

So I posted questions on a general discussion board. I also replied and answered other people who needed help with their Sony products. Within a month I got over 50 emails regarding problems/questions with their Sony Wega and other Sony Products. I tried to answer most of them, but unfortunately, I didn’t have as much time as I liked to respond to each email.

Therefore, I decided to create a website that helps the general public with Sony related questions. It’s called Agoraquest: www.agoraquest.com.

What does Agoraquest mean?

Agora in Greek means “Meeting Place” or “Assembly”. A more precise definition of Agora according to Moulton and Millian, Vocab is primarily “an assembly,” or, in general, “an open space in a town” (akin to ageiro, “to bring together”), became applied, according to papyri evidences, to a variety of things, e.g., “a judicial assembly,” “a market,” or even “supplies, provisions”.

Quest is the pursuit of a goal (which is to be the number one site for Sony related products).

So that’s how I came up with Agoraquest.

At Agoraquest.com, you can post questions and answer others’ questions about any Sony product. In addition, you can read about upcoming Sony news and hear what other members have to say. Agoraquest has a vast amount of features. Some of which are:

  • Forum: Serves as a platform for discussion, comments, and debate on any Sony products
  • News Articles: Up-to-date articles on any news related to Sony and it’s industry.
  • Events: Information on the latest Sony and Industry events like Consumer Electronic Show.
  • Sony Users Reviews: Reviews of top of the line Sony Products

We have recently redesigned the website. More information can be read by going here.

I encourage you to go through the site and participate.. Thanks again for visiting Agoraquest.

Claudio Meira