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    Moderated By: claudio
    Agoraquest Forum Index » » Television Configuration
    Do I need HDTV tuner or Set-Top box if...??? Dashboard
    Replies: 4 | Views: 1,400
    Last Reply: March 23, 2003, 4:34 pm

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    Author Do I need HDTV tuner or Set-Top box if...???

    Rank: Sony Fan

    Joined: Feb 17, 2003
    Posts: 3
    From: new york

      Posted: 2003-02-17 14:44

    I got SONY HDTV Ready KV-36xbr800 Pro-Scan and SONY DVP-NS715P with progressive scan dvd player.
    I am very pleased with a quality of DVD. Unfortunately my area doesn’t have digital cable and I am not ready to get satellite now. I am a DVD person.
    1) Please tell me if I NEED TO BUY hdtv tuner or sony set-top box to get better quality from my DVD player on my TV and why……( I am using component connection and progressive scan mode on TV and DVD ) Can I get 1080i quality from DVD on TV and how???
    2) How can I know or where can I check that magic numbers (480, 720 and 1080)
    Sorry, guys I get confused in that ocean information.
    Thank you, for your help.
    Happy New Year!!!



    Rank: Sony Aficionado

    Joined: Sep 09, 2002
    Posts: 122

      Posted: 2003-02-17 14:55

    Connect your DVD player directly to your TV using component cables (not composite cables!). This will give you the best quality.

    Most progressive DVD players can put 480p. Just put your DVD in progressive mode, and it will do this. I don't think there are too many DVD players that can do better - i've heard of 720p from a DVD but don't know anything about this.

    HDTV will give you a better picture, up to 1080i. But DVD won't be this good, though it will be better than standard definition (analog or digital) cable.

    Incidentally, digital cable is not the same as high-definition. Cable companies are pretty misleading about this.

    Your TV may have a display button which will show you what type of signal it's receiving. Then again, it may not (mine does).

    good luck,


    Rank: Sony Aficionado

    Joined: Nov 06, 2002
    Posts: 125
    From: Santa Clara, CA

      Posted: 2003-02-17 16:15

    An HDTV receiver has nothing to do with DVD.

    What you need to do is:

    Go into the DVD player menu and set it to 16x9 output. Go into your TV's menu and set the 16x9 enhanced mode feature to AUTO.

    This will give you the best possible resolution for DVD.

    To use progressive scan you must use component video cables. Make sure they are connected propperly to either input 5 or 6 with the red blue and green cable (component video). Enable progressive scan on the dvd player.

    You can check to make sure you are in 480p by going into the service menu on your TV, or if it does that flicker thing when you turn on and off the progressive scan on the dvd player. You can also check to see if the "advanced" video setting is grey (disabled). This means you are in 480p.


    Rank: Sony Fan

    Joined: Feb 17, 2003
    Posts: 3
    From: new york

      Posted: 2003-02-17 16:33


    On 2003-02-17 16:15, Jeff_Lam wrote:
    An HDTV receiver has nothing to do with DVD....

    Thank You.

    [ This message was edited by: Sasha68 on 2003-02-17 16:34 ]


    Rank: Sony Buff

    Joined: Aug 17, 2002
    Posts: 16
    From: Northern VA

      Posted: 2003-03-23 16:34

    my cable company provides a HD Digital cable box , so no need for an expensive HD Tuner , now there talking about a HD Digital Video recorder too.

    so Tivo + HD tuner + Digital cable box all for 13.99 a month

    TV: 40XBR800
    Reciever: STR-DE875
    Speakers: SA-VE525
    DVD: DVP-NS715P
    VCR: SLV-N55
    Remote: RM-AV3000
    Digicam: MVC-CD200

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