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    October 17, 2013, 10:29 pm

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    Moderated By: claudio
    Agoraquest Forum Index Television Misc and News
    KP51WS500 vs KP51HW40 Dashboard
    Replies: 8 | Views: 2,668
    Last Reply: October 27, 2002, 6:16 pm

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    NiteHawk | fingersmac | dnight | jayhaque | Chris_632 | JobJoseph |
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    Author KP51WS500 vs KP51HW40

    Rank: Sony Fan

    Joined: Oct 13, 2002
    Posts: 4
    From: Surrey, BC

      Posted: 2002-10-13 20:25

    Hi all,

    I've been browsing the forums for a little while now, and I'm in the market for a widescreen TV. I've been looking at the two listed in the subject, I understand the HW40 is last years model, and the WS500 is this years.

    I have an opportunity to get the HW40 for $2559 CDN, or the WS500 for $3300 CDN.

    My question is, what will I be missing by getting the older model? Is there a difference in picture quality? I've read that DVI isn't available in the older model, but I don't think that's a problem for me. I'm mostly concerned about picture quality. Right now I will primarily be using analog cable and the occasional DVD, with plans for HDTV as it becomes more available.

    Thanks for any help..



    Rank: Ultimate Sony Reviewer

    Joined: Oct 25, 2001
    Posts: 2638
    From: Poughkeepsie, New York

      Posted: 2002-10-13 20:58

    By not picking up the older model (HW40), you will be missing the "Flicker Problem" that has shown up on certain model serial numbers.

    This problem has surfaced just recently (last 4-5 months) and Sony's is still trying to figure out what is going on.

    Go for the WS500. Problem has not surfaced their yet, but then again, its a new model.


    Rank: Sony Fan

    Joined: Oct 13, 2002
    Posts: 4
    From: Surrey, BC

      Posted: 2002-10-14 01:01

    Thanks for the info NiteHawk. I had heard about this flicker problem I think on these forums.

    I'll definately take that under consideration, if anyone else has input I'd be glad to hear it!


    Rank: Sony Fan

    Joined: Aug 08, 2002
    Posts: 4
    From: Courtenay BC Canada

      Posted: 2002-10-19 06:09

    Hi Chris. I bought the KP-51hw40 on Aug 02. Flicker problem has started along with shift in color hue. Neither my dealer (Madman McKay's) nor my nearest Sony authorized repair tech has heard of the problem. I'm on Vancouver Island so I gearing up for a long and probably frustrating battle.


    Rank: Sony Fan

    Joined: Oct 13, 2002
    Posts: 4
    From: Surrey, BC

      Posted: 2002-10-20 01:53

    Well I bit the bullet and also bought the KP51HW40. The price difference was actually a little more than I thought earlier and seemed to good to pass up. So far so good, I've had it for 3 days, watched 3 DVD's, works and looks great.

    I purchased from Sears, and because of these problems I've been hearing of I got the extended warranty. I mean, if it starts flickering and changing colors, I'm sure they're going to have to fix it or replace it, right?

    Let me know how it goes with yours fingersmac..


    Rank: Sony Fan

    Joined: Oct 11, 2002
    Posts: 2
    From: new york city

      Posted: 2002-10-23 15:29

    I hate to be the one to point this out but the very last thing they will do is replace the unit. As for fixing it, I guess that depends on weather or not they find a fix for the flicker issue. Some people have had the problem for months already without a fix. I myself had 3 visits from a rep before totally losing it and contact the BBB and the NY Dept. of Consumer Affairs. I had to fight for a replacement. Also, I reported my problem on 9/14 its now 10/23 (I got word that I will get a replacement last week and it could take up to 3 weeks). To be honest, if i knew I would have to deal with this I would have stuck to my 25" Fisher tube from 1996.

    It's not the fact that it breaks it's how these companies handle it.


    Rank: Sony Fan

    Joined: Oct 25, 2002
    Posts: 4
    From: Columbia, MO

      Posted: 2002-10-25 09:36

    Just found this forum while doing some research on the HD200. I have the KP51HW40, bought it from Sears in July. I had the Samsung 51 something or other. It was Samsung's attempt at hitting the HDTV market. Anyway I had the Samsung unit for 7 months and had a slew of problems. After repair guys comming out 3 times to try to solve the problem I put the TV back in the box and wheeled it right into Sears and told 'em I wanted a different TV. Not only was I able to get a different TV I also made 'em knock $300 bucks off the price for all the headaches I had with the Samsung.

    The moral of the story is. If you have problems with your Sony (I haven't had any yet), and the repair guys can't fix it. Take it back to Sears. But make sure you box it up and wheel it in there, don't call first.

    Remember when you buy from a bigger company, you can make them go the extra mile when it comes to making something right.

    Does anyone have the HD200 yet or is it still not for sale?



    Rank: Sony Fan

    Joined: Oct 13, 2002
    Posts: 4
    From: Surrey, BC

      Posted: 2002-10-25 20:44

    I agree JobJoseph, one of the reasons I went to Sears rather than one of the smaller electronics retailers. If I do run into this flicker problem down the road and Sony isn't doing anything about it, I'll have Sears to fall back on.


    Rank: Sony Fan

    Joined: Aug 13, 2002
    Posts: 1
    From: mass

      Posted: 2002-10-27 18:16

    I have a 57Hw40, and the flicker proble has just hit me. It was excellent for about 2 months, now I can't even look at it. Just put in the service call, we'll see what happens.

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