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    October 17, 2013, 10:29 pm

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    Moderated By: Toli
    Agoraquest Forum Index Getting Started/Building a Home Theater
    Power Supply Dashboard
    Replies: 3 | Views: 1,173
    Last Reply: March 12, 2006, 11:02 pm

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    Author Power Supply
    Premium Member

    Rank: Sony Legend

    Joined: Nov 13, 2005
    Posts: 879
    From: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

      Posted: 2006-03-10 00:01

    Hey guys, I have some questions for you. I'm haveing some thoughts about my new home theater I'm constructing. I'm not sure how to setup the power.

    Here is my projected equipment list. Sony 55" SXRD (when available), DVP-NS9100ES, STR-DA7100ES, SA-WX700 (x2) and a PVR/Satelite reciever of some sort.

    I am planning on purchasing a Pure AV AP30800-10 UPS or similar unit, to connect it to. But, that is alot of juice to draw from one little conditioner. Do, you think it is too much wattage? the other thing is, I believe that I will only have one 15 amp breaker available. I never thought about adding additional breakers/outlets to my living room when we bought.

    How do you recommend, I set this up. Should I plug everything into my conditioner or leave off my Subs or what? Is it possible to add a larger breaker on the existing wiring, like a 20 amp instead of a 15 amp. I'm sure the wiring will be the standard 14/2 wire. I won't be drawing massive amounts of current all the time. But you know how this stuff works.

    Oh, and I looked up the power requirements of these units. I am actually surprise at how low they were.

    240W - SXRD (assumed)
    250W - 7100
    27W - 9100
    70W - X700 x2
    25W - PVR/Sat. (assumed)
    Plus, maybe 5W for the conditioner.

    Totaled @ 687 Watts. Which is really nothing when I have a theoretical maximum of 1800 Watts available on a 15 amp breaker.

    Funny though, the audio output alone is capable of 1690 Watts. Digital, go figure.

    Funny, I think I have answered my own question while writing this post. Ah well, I'll still love any feed back.





    Rank: Sony Aficionado

    Joined: Dec 20, 2005
    Posts: 147
    From: Ontario, Canada

      Posted: 2006-03-11 10:33

    Just to give you a bit of info on my experience as i have similar equipment; after I installed the 7000 SS, I constantly was monitoring the amperage draw while watching a movie, satellite, etc. I have the DVPNS9100, the 7100, my KP57WV600, SLVN77, GX315, ExpressVu 9200, and SAWX900 plugged into it. While watching a DVD (9100, 7100, X900, and TV turned on) I find that 4.1 amps draw is average, sometimes it would go up to 4.6 or so but for the most part it stayed around 4 amps EXCEPT - when the sub was pounding during a heavy bass sequence, it would jump to around 13 amps draw, and i never put the level over half on the sub, and was about -5db on the 7100. So, I no longer power the sub off of it, its plugged into its own surge protector on its own circuit. Perhaps the two X700's would take less power than the 900 but it's hard to tell. Either way I think based on my experience you would be hard pressed to pop the breaker.

    KDSR60XBR2, STRDA7100ES, DVPNS9100ES, RDRGX315, SLVN750, SSK90ED (x2), SSK70ED (x3), SSMB150H (x2), SAWX900 x 2, SAWX700 x 2, PS3 (60GB), Dell XPS M1710 w/ BD Burner, Xbox 360 w/ HD DVD, Gamecube, RMAV3000, HTPS 7000 SS MK2, AVS 2000 SS, HTUPS 500 x 2

    Premium Member

    Rank: Sony Legend

    Joined: Nov 13, 2005
    Posts: 879
    From: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

      Posted: 2006-03-11 15:49

    Well, the SAW-X900 is rated at 1000 Watts output power. The SAW-X700 is only rated at 250, so two would only make 500.

    Thanks for the info, it's good to here that somebody tried. I will probably do as you did and just try it. I could get another cheaper power conditioner for just the subs if it seems to be an issue.



    Rank: Sony Aficionado

    Joined: Nov 29, 2002
    Posts: 128
    From: Minnesota

      Posted: 2006-03-12 23:02

    If new wiring is being run for the home Theatre, I would suggest the following:

    - Consider 12/2 or even 10/2 wiring even though it is not required for the load you plan.  In the case of power amps I have noted improvements in sound quality with heavier gauge wiring even though the load did not require it.  For a new installation the cost increase for heavier guage wire should be negligble.
    - Specify that hospital grade or commercial grade outlets be used as a minimum. 
    - I would consider isolated ground for the best quality ground.
    - If there will be more than one circuit, specify the circuits be split between the two phases of power.  By having this you have the option to connect a device to one phase or the other phase which can help with power line noise and interference problems for some devices.


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