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    Moderated By: Toli
    Agoraquest Forum Index Getting Started/Building a Home Theater
    So I took the plunge! My First HTS system DDW-1000? Comments and advise please Dashboard
    Replies: 1 | Views: 5,987
    Last Reply: January 4, 2006, 1:45 am

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    Author So I took the plunge! My First HTS system DDW-1000? Comments and advise please

    Rank: Sony Fan

    Joined: Jan 03, 2006
    Posts: 4

      Posted: 2006-01-03 18:22

    Hi there, I am Chris. I took the plunge and bought my "first" Home theater system. (Had cheap DVD 5.1 combo) connected to PC. Now I need some advice on how to test and judge my system and seek comments on the specifications and where to go next, slow upgrade to better, professional, HTS without becoming bankrupt.

    I decided on the Sony HT-DDW1000 system due to budget, I liked the looks, Some (minimal) reviews, probably salesman related, gave it good clean sound capabilities with extra bass, its a 6.2 system (2 subs), have good decoding features, sounded not to bad, maybe a hollow bass as opposed to a good deep bass, but sound quality was good, clear and refreshing.

    I ran some of my kids DVD titles and think the results achieved was good for a quick setup. THX and DTS ex 6.1 are excellent. The bass is huge and could be overpowering but quality could improve?

    Finding Nemo, Shrek I+II, Starwars III, Toy story2, Triple XXX and others

    System comprises of STR-K1000p receiver, DVD player DVDNS50P, SSCRP10 speakers set
    fficeffice" />>>

    Home Theatre Components>>

    Receiver 6.2 channels>>

    Total audio output power (Watts RMS) 1000>>

    Surround Sound Type>>

    Dolby Digital EX, DTS 96/24, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS Extended Surround (DTS-ES) , DTS>>

    Quick peek inside revealed CXD 9718BQ Decoder chip, MN2488/MP1620 transistors>>


    Wired Terminals / Ports>>

    Number of Coaxial Digital Input Ports 1>>

    Number of Component Video Input Ports 2>>

    Number of Component Video Output Ports 1 RCA DVD RCA Line In Ports 1
    Video 1 RCA Line In + Line out Ports 1
    Video 2 RCA Line In Ports 1
    Multi-channel RCA 5.1 input set 
    Monitor RCA video out 1>>

    SACD/CD RCA In 1
    MD/Tape RCA In + Out 1 >>

    Number of Optical Digital Input Ports 2 (1 SACD/CD)
    L+R Front B Speaker outputs (A, B, A+B selectable)
    6.2 speaker system outputs (two subwoofer RCA)


    Number of Front Speakers 2>>

    No of Rear Speakers         3>>

    No of Side Speakers         2>>

    No of Subwoofers            2>>

    No of Center Speakers      1>>


    3* SS-SRP1SR 6 ohm speakers for surround L+R
    and back 100mm cone bass reflex >>

    1* SS-CNP1 6 ohm speaker for center, 2 * 100mm cone, bass reflex +25 mm horn tweeter, 2way/3unit
    2* SS-MFP1 6 ohm speakers for L+R fronts 2 * 160mm cone, bass reflex +25 mm horn tweeter, 2way/3units
    2* SA-WMP1 Active Subs 110W 6 Ohm 100Hz THD10% 200mm cone

    Front and center have.

    Here is more details and specs and photos;2136212609;pid;136;pt;1#cb
    52&SID=193&PID=1442 >>


    [ This message was edited by: pupa on 2006-01-03 18:25 ]


    Premium Member

    Rank: Sony Senior Advisor

    Joined: Mar 13, 2003
    Posts: 14283
    From: Sewell, NJ

      Posted: 2006-01-04 01:45

    Welcome to Agoraquest!  The HT-DDW1000 must be awfully new, because I can't locate the Operating Instructions to download.  Based on the cost, you probably have purchased a fairly good starter HT.  Unfortunately, its what might be called a "tuned system" in that the amps are optimized for the 6 ohm speakers supplied.  This means that if you should decide to upgrade the speakers in the future, you won't be able to get maximum power to them because you normally can only get 4 or 8 ohm speakers.  Are there special connectors to connect the speakers?  If so, this is an inconvenience if you decide to upgrade the speaker wire.  You have to chop off the connectors and splice them to the speaker wire.  Another concern is the 1000W total power rating.  If the 130W rating for the receiver's amps is at 1KHz THD 10%, consistent with the 110W 100Hz THD 10% rating of the active subs, the power rating is inflated, because Sony's power ratings for digital amps are typically at 0.7% THD 20Hz-20KHz.  The power rating would probably be about 2/3 of the listed rating under these conditions (only an educated guess).


    Sony A/V System: KDL-55XBR8, BDP-S550 and AVD-LA2500PKG, consisting of AVD-C70ES Super Audio CD/DVD Receiver, 4 SS-LA500ED surround speakers, 1 SS-LAC505ED center channel speaker and 1 SA-WD200 Active Subwoofer

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