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    Moderated By: claudio
    Agoraquest Forum Index Ľ Ľ Television Configuration
    Decoding the Service Codes 07 - Dynamic Focus Dashboard
    Replies: 0 | Views: 1,167
    Last Reply: April 7, 2005, 5:38 pm

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    Author Decoding the Service Codes 07 - Dynamic Focus

    Rank: Sony Enthusiant

    Joined: Mar 11, 2005
    Posts: 45
    From: Portland, OR

      Posted: 2005-04-07 17:38

    Any TVís electron beam is focused with something like an electrostatic or electromagnetic lens to a tiny spot in the center of the display area. If the spot is moved to another location on the screen, however, the distance between the beam emitter and the screen changes, and therefore so must the focus. On flat-screen TVs, the effect is at its worst: the corner is *much* farther away than the center.

    What keeps the beam focused is the dynamic-focusing signal, which is derived from the TVís vertical and horizontal scanning currents. No need to know the details ó just that you have control over the basic parameters, and you can adjust them to improve the overall focus of your screen, if need be.

    On the late-model XS/HS/XBR TVs, the service codes governing this are found in group 2170D-4: #0 thru 8, excluding #6: QPAM thru QPDP, DF, and DQP. We have to assume that the internal focus adjustment on the high-voltage transformer is set okay. If the following procedures wonít work, perhaps it is not correctly set. I wonít recommend that anyone who doesnít have considerable savvy about CRT television or monitor electronics even try the internal adjustment. (But it is an easy screwdriver adjustment.)

    WRITE DOWN the original settings in case you get screwed up and want to turn back the clock. These arenít risky adjustments and arenít very sensitive. Some seem to have hardly any effect at first. I used a test pattern from Digital Video Essentials to set mine, Title 13, Chapter 2: ďSMPTE RP 133.Ē I set the DVD player to progressive to force a full-screen display on my 4:3 36XS955. Brightness, picture, etc. were set to middle values; sharpness fairly low (~20). PRO mode. The finer-detailed the test pattern is, the easier these settings are to adjust.

    OVERALL FOCUS is #3 QPDC. Adjust for best CENTER focus for vertical *and* horizontal detail. You can sometimes find one setting for best horizontal scan lines and another for vertical lines, but pick a compromise. A couple blocks right in the center of the DVE test pattern are perfect for this.

    NOTE 1: Some folks may have read that you can improve everything by cranking QPDC up to a high value. Donít believe it! Works only for the extreme left & right edges at the expense of center focus. You really have to follow a hierarchical procedure, starting with basic focus, and moving outward.

    NOTE 2: These adjustments not only affect the spot size but its shape. Usually you have to compromise to get best-looking focus. Donít be fooled by looking at just horizontal or vertical detail.

    LEFT-RIGHT BALANCE is #8 DQP. Adjust until the test patternís left and right text samples (or some left and right detail at equal distances from center) are equally focused, even if not perfect. Equally out-of-focus can be the correct setting.

    VERTICAL COMPENSATION is #4 QPDV. Adjust for best top-center and bottom-center focus. Mine is cranked all the way up to 63 and just makes it. (#5 QPDP is related; may balance top to bottom. Doesnít seem to have much effect, and I have left it at the default of 6.)

    HORIZONTAL COMPENSATION is #0 QPAM. Adjust for best focus at the far left and right middle-edges. You can readjust #8 DQP for best balance left-right, if needed.

    VERTICAL+HORIZONTAL COMBINED COMPENSATION is #1 QPAV. Adjust for best focus in the corners in conjunction with #7 DF, which affects just the extreme corners. (#2 QPAP may be another balance setting; it seems to have little effect, and I have left it at the default of 6.)

    WRITE these changes to the memory with Mute-Enter. Write them into your log for future reference.

    Now go to an HD source of any kind or force a 1080i 16:9 scan mode with 2170P-4 #20 or 26 IDSW. Re-enter the same six settings you made above (and wrote down) to the same codes, and WRITE. Now youíve done HD mode, too. Return IDSW to 0.

    Sony says you can mass-copy these settings from your initial setings (not HD) to HD mode by going to #6 CPY1, setting ti from 0 to 1, and performing a WRITE. I did it manually, since there are only six values.



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