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    October 17, 2013, 10:29 pm

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    Moderated By: claudio
    Agoraquest Forum Index » » Television Configuration
    Decoding the Service Codes 05 - Customizing Picture Modes Dashboard
    Replies: 0 | Views: 1,283
    Last Reply: April 3, 2005, 8:04 pm

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    Author Decoding the Service Codes 05 - Customizing Picture Modes

    Rank: Sony Enthusiant

    Joined: Mar 11, 2005
    Posts: 45
    From: Portland, OR

      Posted: 2005-04-03 20:04

    The various picture-mode settings in late-model HS/XS/XBR Sony sets are not set in stone. They are simply pointers to a large group of presets that can be completely reconfigured in service mode. For example, I have no use for the factory’s settings for Vivid and Standard — they’re way too garish and have too many “enhancements” for my taste. So I have Left Pro pretty much alone, as a reference. Then I have commandeered Vivid for experimentation, and set up Standard and Movie to be equivalent to Pro, but with higher gamma, to resurrect murky video.

    I proceeded by first making a particular picture mode identical to Pro, a intimidating process as you realize all of the input and scan modes that affect the values that are stored. But you can do it piecemeal as you need the settings for a given use. I first did it for SD broadcast, HD broadcast (1080i and 720p), and then my DVD player. That’s only 4 for now. I’ll do the S-video for the VCR another time.

    To do this, you have to know where the settings are that are selected by a change in picture mode. Here is a definitive list I have checked and rechecked against that (official) charts I have. They are listed by group. Write down the original values before making any changes!

    3D-COMB, 4 items. I haven’t yet done any experimentation here, and I don’t know what these do. I believe the comb-filter system extracts color information from SD broadcast and composite video.
    — 14 VAPG, 15 VAPI. Defaults are 0 for Pro.
    — 17 YPFT, 18 YPFG. Also per RF (tuner), CV/YC video input, and TwinView.

    2170P-3, 17 items. Of *primary importance* to picture appearance. Also per input and video-scan mode.
    — 0 thru 16, SYSM thru MIDE. #1 VMLV is not saved and is for temporary testing, of what I don’t know yet.

    2170P-3, 4 items. The velocity-modulation settings. Mine are now all at zero. Yecch!
    — 17 thru 20, VM thru VML.

    2170P-4, 6 items. [On some sets, but not XS955, for example. Now in permanent read-only memory as QM #14-19, not alterable. HS sets still list these.] Default settings for the user-menu sliders. Not very important, except as a convenience for those who can adjust them.
    — #7 thru 12, UPIC thru UTMP.

    2170P-4, 2 items. Important settings for gamma (+ preset table) and auto-black-level control (+ preset table). The Sony “Dynamic Picture Control” settings are here, in the presets for BKL.
    — #17 or 11, GAMM. Pro = 0.
    — #22 or 16, BLK. Pro = 0

    3DNR, 15 items. This seems to be the video noise-reduction system, and there are 64 tweakable parameters, but I haven’t gotten anywhere near these. I’m willing to trust the factory settings for now, as nothing seems to be wrong! But someday . . . On my 36XS955, only #34, 45, and 61 had different settings for the different picture modes.
    — #34 YLV
    — #39 YCR
    — #41 YMG
    — #43 YEL
    — #44 YLM
    — #45 CLV
    — #48 GMG
    — #49 CCR
    — #50 CLM
    — #57 thru 62, YNG thru YCO

    I have gone thru and written down the values for all of these for Pro mode, for the several input/scan modes that matter to me. Then I have been transferring them to Vivid, Standard, and Movie mode as I can find the time.

    Typical example #1: I use Vivid for testing. If I think I may want to change something that will affect the picture, I make the change to Vivid for that input/scan mode. Then, while watching real program material, I can easily flick between Pro and Vivid to see what the benefit or downside is. No harm done to Pro mode! Keeps me (relatively) sane.

    Typical example #2: I have set Movie mode to be exactly like Pro, except I have set GAMM = 1, and then GAMS = 0 and GAMR thru GAMB to 4. Nice for making murky program material much more enjoyable. Try different values for GAMR thru GAMB. “Lost” on ABC-HD is horribly dark, and Movie’s raised gamma works perfectly to make it more enjoyable. Works with dark-exposed home video, too.



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