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    Moderated By: claudio
    Agoraquest Forum Index MD/CD/SACD
    sacd no support its dead Dashboard
    Replies: 4 | Views: 1,238
    Last Reply: December 30, 2003, 4:46 pm

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    Author sacd no support its dead

    Rank: Sonyphile

    Joined: Jul 23, 2003
    Posts: 523

      Posted: 2003-12-29 14:00

    after checking out the forums I thought I might pickup a sacd player to hook up to my da4es to see how good it sounded .so I went into the city to search for one only to discover that only two places even had a player but the funny thing was that neither dealer had any sacd disks not even one .So why would anyone even buy something that you cant buy disks for.I'll stick with cd and dvd format until sacds disks are on the shelves every where which I doubt you will see.

    STR DA4ES,Bose VCS-10,B0se301's,Bose201's,Klipsh SF-1's,JBL E10's,BDP S550,sony SLV750HF,sony DVPNS725p,sony CDR-233,sony CDPCX355,SUBS soundstage,Veloydne 1500,Monster HTS 1600,Technics SL-Q202



    Rank: Sony Devotee

    Joined: Aug 28, 2003
    Posts: 56
    From: Chicago

      Posted: 2003-12-29 14:39

    You can buy both SACDs and DVD-A disks at Best Buy.  That's pretty easy, right?  Amazon sells them.  Acoustic Sounds ( is also a good source.  Sony, Universal, Warner, etc. have web pages to tell you which releases are available in both formats and which new releases or reissues to expect in the future.

    If the stores near you selling players didn't have SACDs even for demo purposes, then that's stupidity on their part.

    I would say that SACD is supported and that support continues to grow based on the new releases and reissued/remastered disks that I have found.


    Sony: STR-DA7ES, CDP-CA70ES
    Samsung: HL-P5685W, DVD-HD950
    B&W: DM602 S3, LCR60 S3, DM601 S3, ASW650
    Motorola: DCT-6412


    Rank: Ultimate Sony Reviewer

    Joined: Aug 23, 2002
    Posts: 2623
    From: Houston, TX

      Posted: 2003-12-29 15:38

    SACD probably will not die because of the many hybrid SACD/CD production lines that are running or starting to run. More and more labels can go with a single-inventory hybrid releases.

    At the store you're visiting, they may have any of the Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan remasters. Those are all hybrid SACDs, even though it doesn't say so on the Stones' packaging.

    SCD-C222ES, Panasonic DVD-CP72, Rotel RCD-961
    B&W 601/2s3, Yamaha RX-V1300, HSU Research VTF-2
    Samsung TXM2796HF & SIR-T151


    Rank: Sonyphile

    Joined: Mar 07, 2003
    Posts: 499
    From: Calgary, Ab

      Posted: 2003-12-29 17:50

    Yeah, I ain't gonna buy one of them DVD players either...  Can't rent the buggers, nor can I find anywhere that can demo one properly...  It's also going to be replaced by this DIVX thing pretty quick.  I'll stick to VHS, cause it's good enough with me.

    What, did you think that every city had an airport in 1907?  The Airplane had been around for 4 years already by then! 

    It ain't dead, nor is it going away.  I don't want everyone to have SACD hardware and software, otherwise SACD will become like DVD - $29 crap hardware.


    Rank: Sony Legend

    Joined: Jul 26, 2002
    Posts: 964
    From: UK

      Posted: 2003-12-30 16:46

     A point well made faulkner...

    Sony: DVP-NS930V, STR-DB2000QS, CDP-XB930, SLV-X9, DCR-PC105E, DSC-T200, PS3 , NWZ-A829K, NWS 205. Other: Hitachi 42 Plasma, Samsung 40" LCD, SkyHD, Wii, Xbox 360 Speakers: KEF 2005.2

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