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    October 17, 2013, 10:29 pm

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    Username: wedgehog
    Location: UK
    Occupation: Electronics Engineer
    I don\'t need google, my wife knows everything
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    Member Since:Feb 18, 2007
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    Last 20 Forum Posts by wedgehog
    ForumTopicPost Text
    Television Troublesh...Strange problem with dark picture Sony KDL-32EX503 On 2011-07-27 17:16, andyross wrote: I'm guessing that there may be 2 banks for CCFL's for the backlight, probably 'interleaved' to keep the light even. It's likely one of them is dead. If possible, see what it takes to open it up enough to maybe at least get a peek at the backlight and see if everything is lit up. Thanks for that AndyRoss, I did think of that, but shouldn't it refuse to come on with six blinks on the led if there is a backlight problem?
    Television Troublesh...Strange problem with dark picture Sony KDL-32EX503I am an electronics engineer with over 35 years experience, what is obvious is that you are incapable of repairing anything without replacing the panel or pcb, I have repaired many LCD tv's by following signals with my scope and replacing SM resistors or transistors and I have even repaired a dead panel by finding a hidden fusable link on it. I have also replaced ball graph array chips with my rework station, on several pcb's, power boards are just Switch mode power supplies and to an engineer who knows what he is doing, they are no problem, so don't be such a smart ass and think you are bette ..
    Television Troublesh...Strange problem with dark picture Sony KDL-32EX503Hmmm no help here then, my bad I thought this site was for electronics engineers, but I suppose engineers these days are just panel changers. thanks anyway.
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeSorry Rick mate, can't help you on that one. Wish I could as that would be well useful, I'm still trying to get that manaul
    Television Troublesh...Strange problem with dark picture Sony KDL-32EX503Has anyone by chance got a service manual that covers this set please? I believe it's the AZ1L chassis which is used in these models
    Television Troublesh...Strange problem with dark picture Sony KDL-32EX503Hi Guys, Strange problem this one, Yes the power saving is off, as is the light sensor, the Backlight and Contrast are at max, the Gama has no effect at all and the picture is almost to dark to view in daylight, but ok in the evening onwards. can't turn the brightness up above about 60% as it just washes the picture out. I have checked the psu voltage to the Inverter, and have 24volts ok, all the 12 volt supplies seem ok, checked for intermittent plugs and sockets, nothing wrong with the panel, no lines or bits missing. Any ideas anyone? [ This message was edited by: wedgehog on ..
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeHi Rick, you ok mate? Still no luck with that manual then?
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeYou're a star, thanks Jehill. I appreciare you going to so much trouble.
    Television Troublesh...Manual document code On 2011-05-16 17:49, jehill wrote: Unfortunately, I have temporarily lost access to the service manual.  I need to re-install the software I used to access the manual, Sony Assist, which I am not going to do tonight.  I'll try to get to it Wednesday. Thanks Jehill you are a gentleman
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeHi Claudio, thank you for that, very kind. But what I meant was,  which other models does the service manual with part number 988826504 cover. Most service manuals cover more than one model. Let me explain, I have a friend who is able to get me a sony service manual now and then, and I asked him if he could get me a manual for my KDL-32EX503. He replied that he could only get it if I could find out the Sony document number. Jehill kindly gave me that, but my mate informs me that he can find nothing listed for my model under that number. he suggested that it maybe listed under one of ..
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeOk thanks Jehil, would you be so kind as to tell me which other models are listed on the manual besides the KDL-32EX503
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeHaving a problem with that number Jehil, nothing recognises it, is it the Sony document number or the spares part number? it's the document number I wanted
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeThank you Jehill, much appreciated mate.
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeHi Guys, could someone help me please? I am trying to find out the Sony document code for a service manual for the KDL-32EX503 Bravia
    Instruction and Serv...I find SONY service manualHi, could I possibly have a service manual for a sony KLV-26HG2   it's a UK version. Thank you. Bob [ This message was edited by: wedgehog on 2007-02-18 12:03 ]
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