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    Last 20 Forum Posts by retate
    ForumTopicPost Text
    DVDAnyone had luck getting 9100es to work with Sony (My 9100ES (current firmware) works fine via HDMI to KDL-52xBR4.
    Television Troublesh...KDL-52XBR5 setup / troubleshooting help neededDrick, In regards to aspect ratios there are configuration options for what the TV will do when switching channels.  Refer to the screen settings section of the manul for wide mode, auto wide and 4:3 default.  On my KDL-52XBR4 I changed auto wide to on which gives correct aspect rations with my cable provider.   The picture quality on the XBR4 is great.  It replaced an XBR700.
    Sony and Industry Re...Exclusive: First Review of the Sony KDL-46XBR4Here is link to another review of the KDL-46XBR4. In comparing specifications for the XBR4 models to the XBR5 models the only differences I can find besides cosmetics is that the XBR5 models have an RS232 interface and 18 month versus 12 month warranty.  Does anyone know of any other differences between the XBR4 and XBR5? Bob
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Ultimate Electronics STR-DA9000ES pricing On 2007-09-30 23:16, fanboyz wrote: I, live in MINNESOTA!!! Maybe UE has a 7100 as well? I know they still had 7100ES units on display a few months ago, but I don't recall seeing any recently although I haven't looked closely either.  [ This message was edited by: retate on 2007-10-01 00:10 ]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Ultimate Electronics STR-DA9000ES pricingIt would appear that Ultimate Electronics may be getting more serious about closing out their remaining STR-DA9000ES stock.  The Maple Grove, Minnesota store was displaying a price of $1599 today.  A month ago they were still in the $2400 range, I don't remember the exact price.  The price displayed today did not say demo unit so it is possible they still have some new in box stock. Bob
    MD/CD/SACDtrouble reading SACD layer on hybrid discsI had a problem with a 9000ES with the same characteristics when it was four years old.  The builtin alignment procedures did not solve the problem.  I returned it to Sony for warrany repair.  They replaced the laser assembly, and it fixed the problem. Bob
    MD/CD/SACDDoug Sax Takes Us To The Dark SideFor those who are not familar with Doug Sax and the Mastering Lab they go back a long ways.  I first became aware of Doug Sax with Sheffield Lab direct to disc LPs which Doug did in conjunction with Lincoln Maygora.  I have bought many LPs and CDs mastered by Doug Sax over the years, and the sound quality has always been excellent. Bob
    Other (Tape, Short W...Which DAT (DIGITAL TAPE) DECK SHOULD I BUY???Silverghost My personal experience is with older Sony DAT decks so I can only comment from that perspective.  I still own a DTC-700 and it gets used from time to time for live recording.  If I was doing enough live recording to justify the expenditure I would be using current technology such as the Tascam DV-RA1000 or the new DV-RA1000HD.  Devices such as the Tascam have much better A-to-D and D-to-A converters and they can record at higher sample rates all of which will contribute to improved audio quality.  In the ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Dedicated Circuits ???Steve, While I agree for the most part with your observations about noise relative to dedicated circuits I believe dedicated circuits will typically provide advantages. A dedicated circuit should have a continuous wire run to the breaker.  In the case of a non dedicated circuit there will typically be multiple outlets on the circuit with the wire from the breaker connecting to the first outlet, and then a second wire running to the next outlet and so on.  Each of these additional connections can create problems if high quality outlets are not used or if sufficie ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Sony announcement that BDP-S1 has begun shipping  SAN DIEGO, Nov. 30, 2006 – Sony announced today that its first dedicated Blu-ray Disc™ player, the BDP-S1 model, has begun shipping to major consumer electronics retailers and specialty dealers nationwide. This next-generation device, which is capable of playing both high-definition Blu-ray Disc (BD) prerecorded titles as well as traditional DVDs, adds an exclamation point to Sony’s full HD 1080 line of products, which ranges from BRAVIA™ flat-panel LCD and Grand WEGA SXRD® rear-projection televisions to the new PlayStation® 3 game console, Blu-ray Disc enabled VAIO c ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Ground loop vs transformer hum. One additional piece of information in regards to ground loops and a cable connection.  The cable entering your home sure be tied to the grounding system where it enters your house, but some cable installers are sloppy and do not do this.  If this is the case, then the probability of hum form a ground loop is much higher.  If the incoming cable is not grounded at its entrance point to your home, correcthing that would be the first step in resolving the ground loop. Bob
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...ES Sound In regards to hearing differences between pieces of audio equipment there are differences that one may hear immediatley when new equipmnet is introduced.  What for me is even more telling is the times when I have auditioned a new piece of equipment on loan over a weekend.  On more than one occasion I have returned the loan equipment on Monday not sure that I am going to purchase it because the differences seemed small at best.  What then occurred is that over the next couple of days I realized that the test component had made a bigger improvement than I had thought.  ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...How AC Power Becomes the Signal!In regards to AC power it is not just the links from the wall outlet on.  Other times that should be considered include: - The quality of the wall outlet. - How the wiring is attached to the wall outlet.  - The wire guage to the wall outlet. - How well is the wire attached at the circuit breaker in the breaker box. Bob
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...White Paper on the DA5200, where is it? In the reading I have done on HDMI 1.3 I don't think it is being held back.  The standard was only finalized in June 2006, and chip availability did not appear to be immediate except for sampling.  The following October 26th press release gives more information in regards to products listing only three for 2006 with more to follow in 2007. Bob
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Press release for STR-DA5200ES and STR-DA3200ESThe manual for the str-da5200ES is available on the Sony support site ( ).  Crutchfield is showing an 11/27/2006 availability date. Bob
    MD/CD/SACDDoug MacLeod--Unmarked Road SA-CDThe SACD version of his new release has been available for about a month.  It is also being released on Vinyl, but Acoustic Sounds shows that as backordered. Bob On 2006-10-24 21:13, maverick11359 wrote: Gaday Bob,              Anthony's tops in my book ! Cd universe has just listed his second SACD " Saivity " ,Groove note Records $ 23.75 USD(might be a Xmas present).  I didn't know he had a new one out thanks for the heads up is it on SACD yet.   &nb ..
    MD/CD/SACDDoug MacLeod--Unmarked Road SA-CDAnthony Wilson's newest album (see description below) includes Diana Krall on one of the cuts.  The album title is "Power of Nine".  Joe Harley who was involved with I believe most/all of the Audioquest albums was also involved with this album.  I have read good things about this new album, and I will be ordering it the next time I place an order for SACDs.  [addsig] --------- A new album by Anthony Wilson featuring the super talented and top selling jazz vocalist Diana Krall with whom Anthony has been recording and touring for the last three to four years. Kra ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...Build Quality & DYI Mods While I agree with the posts in regards to the disappointment with parts selection in high end gear I would suggest that in addition to cost parts availability and parts uniformity are major factors for manufacturers in parts selection. Supply issues or manufacturers ceasing product lines has occurred a number of times in recent past for capacitors and resistors that have been highly regarded for audio modifications.  A manufacturer has to be concerned that parts will be available to produce the product for the expected life cycle (manufacturing and repair).& ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Press release for STR-DA5200ES and STR-DA3200ES SONY INTRODUCES ES A/V RECEIVER WITH 1080P HD PERFORMANCE AND ADVANCED INTERFACE DENVER (CEDIA Booth #150), Sept. 13, 2006 – Sony Electronics today set a new benchmark in high-definition performance with the introduction its latest "Elevated Standard" receiver, which supports both 1080p displays and sources. The STR-DA5200ES receiver’s icon-based menu enhances daily operation and set-up process. Bullet identifiers and explanations of the most complex operations make menu functions easy to navigate and understand. "This receiver was designed ..
    MD/CD/SACDDid Sony stoped making SACD players ? Another piece of data in regards to Sony and the SACD format is that Sony Classical is still releasing SACDs.  A new SACD was released in August (description below), and they have another disc scheduled for early October release. Bob ---------------- CSON M81804 SA At just 14 years old, Jay Greenberg has already emerged as a promising and prolific composer with a rapidly expanding catalog of solo, chamber and orchestral works. Perhaps the youngest composer ever signed to an exclusive recording contract, he makes his Masterworks debut with the world ..
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