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    October 17, 2013, 10:29 pm

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    Username: opimax
    Location: MD burbs of DC
    NEC 61XM3 plasma
    Sony STR-DA9000es
    Sony NC555es
    Oppo 971
    Panamax 5500 AC Regenerator
    JBL 250Ti fronts modifiedd XO dedicated Perreaux 6000b amp
    JBL 120Ti rear surround
    JBL 18Ti stacked center
    JBL L20T surrounds
    JBL B460 sub Adcom dedicated GFA
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    Member Since:Feb 16, 2006
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    Last 20 Forum Posts by opimax
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    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...9K, bass management, digital amp comments and quesFuses Turns out a 8mp fuse which blows at 15 is called an 8amp fuse! New Zealand speak.Standard fuses posted form a local NZ person All is well with the amp. seems smooth and powerful after a few hours.Has reputation of being "warm". Not that I am experienced w/different equipment ( I am not at all, just my current stuff) that would be a fair description. Still not the bass I am looking for had some other small speakers hooked up sounded like it did what it could and expected for bass, newest thought might be the modded Xovers... Still wanted this am ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...9K, bass management, digital amp comments and questhanks much Maxx Always can count on you for help. If you ever make here east you must stop by I would really appreciate a thought on a a temp fuses for the time being. thinking 10 amp regular would work w/moderation of volume control until proper one are obtained opi
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...9K, bass management, digital amp comments and ques11:30 next morning, hook up to main speakers, 1 side sounds blown!!! after playing around w/connections different test speakers inputs , outputs, checking for shorts, etc. Checked fuses.don't look good. Unit has 5 fuses, 1 main, 1 for each rail voltage, 1rail blown, 1 loose end looking icky. swapped the 2 for the other side this side sounds good again. BIG, BIG relief. Some may remember my luck w/heavey electronic ebay items I know this isn't directly Sony and this post even less but the reason I posted this was I have a question about fuses The fuses are Luca ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...9K, bass management, digital amp comments and quesupdates A couple emails, 8 adapters, soldering connections (twice,my bad )finally able to hear music from amp tonight. (2 am now). tomorrow move amp and hook up to Sony Received my rebuilt (poorly packed by my mail room ,very nice person to rebuild) and modded (extra dampenig on metal dome). this week also I am starting to be impressed by theses speakers, still not bassy as others say but can make bass when bass is turned up but much smoother now. not sure if the majority was the dampening or the rebuild but heard some stuff i didn't notice in songs I have heard many t ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...9K, bass management, digital amp comments and quesThanks Maxx , already waiting for their reply also the seller the amp , what did they use? waiting there too. patiantly waiting Opi just won the 3 leather theater power seats auction yesterday night(cheap), things coming together... [addsig]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...9K, bass management, digital amp comments and quesHi, Timely (very much) info . It seems that is what I am hearing on these specs. If it is just the amount of power I have already (almost) resolved that. I have purchased that Perreuax amp, 300 per side, but i am having connection troubles. it uses XLR for in and out. Took care of the in but the output is wierd. Outputs are 4 male XLR, nobody has heard of that and say they are proprietary. they are labeled pin 1 "-VE", 2 "0", 3 "+VE". Working on XLR connectors and want to make 2 wires out of each connector to make bi-wire for the 250s, something about shielding and diff ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...9K, bass management, digital amp comments and quesThanks for the reply Steve In the factory supplied 2 channel mode the speakers I believe are auto set large. If you go to the menu choice for size it is grayed out "large". There is also a setting in surround set up for AFD to to create a sub signal from the input for a sub and I t doesn't seem to change soundcharacteristics off or on. the choice is avalable in 2 channell mode, kindd a weird logic to me I suspected that the sub was full rangeish when I have no control but the subs and or the SMS1 have Xovers. The question here then I have my mains full and additional b ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...9K, bass management, digital amp comments and queshi all, Been a while, still trying to figure out everything on my setup Got a couple questions on the 9k. the repair is holding, no follow up from sony on the scratched face plate but sounds the same When I set the speaker option to auto 2.1 and front speakers large I have sub output but no Xover choice in the menu. If I set the speakers to small then the option is available. What is gong to the sub when in the 2.1 configuration and set to large? My speakers have a modified xover which is known to make them "clearer" along with digital amp in my 9k ha ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...str 9000 goes "pop"I received the receiver yesterday, UPS just left it on my front door step, no signature, just waiting to get wet or stolen.Not a Sony issue imho but UPS. The face plate has some large nicks in the lower right corner and no original box which I did request, these are Sony issues! Tonight I am reinstalling it. So far it has turned on, no sparks and stays on I am currently working on wiring it up. I got out my quick set up and ran into a something i don't understand. It states to connect the the RCAs from the DVD player to the unit and not only the optical or Digital co ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...str 9000 goes "pop"Hi all, Tracked my return to Sony, only 3 days. Got an email acknowledging package 1 days later. I called the next day , Thursday . They said call back Monday. All of this is going OK by my time table. I was surprised to get an email the next day Fri. stating I had a tracking number for the return of my 9000 due Tuesday!!!! I have just replaced my woofers in my main speakers can't wait to replace this 575 i'm using opi[addsig]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Sony TA-DA9000ESmaybe a foot, i will check again, get a little sensitive to it. 1 of the Adcoms has started coming through the speakers which started the witch hunt for noises. both adcoms physically hum (louder than the 9k). I use a service called for "radio" listening at home. I have a mini jack out to RCAs on the docking unit for my laptop that "started" the hum. I have not completed the diags on the hum yet but I am thinking something may be up w/the 9k both physical hum and worse coming through it. My friend and I will be working the the speaker upgrades tomorrow. He is bring ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Sony TA-DA9000ESHi all, last time I posted I ruffled feathers unintentionally so i will keep this one brief.It is about my 9000 It has a hum. the hum is from inside the unit not my speakers (another time but additional amps). Does anybody elses make noise from say a transformer /power supply? thanks Mark[addsig]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Sony TA-DA9000ESHi all, last time I posted I ruffled feathers unintentionally so i will keep this one brief.It is about my 9000 It has a hum. the hum is from inside the unit not my speakers (another time but additional amps). Does anybody elses make noise from say a transformer /power supply? thanks Mark[addsig]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...STR-DG800, VOLUME PROBLEM???? PLS. HELP.steve, sorry if i came off on the wrong side of this. i am not takin up for blose, far from it. what i don't understand from his post; and btw when i first saw this today it was current and the top or 2nd from the top thread i think anyway i have never seen an amp that won't go into clipping when the volume level is ALL THE WAY turned up unless there is not enough input and even then usually large amount of hiss to tell your unit is up loud i guess what you are thinking is me not arguing but not understanding how anything else could happen at FULL volume. i also no ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...STR-DG800, VOLUME PROBLEM???? PLS. HELP.i can only go by my experiencies, yes bose sux, even worse when dealing in the automotive version. i don't understand how you can know you are max volume if you haven't started to clip and drop back the control. due to diffferent inputs levels of different manufactures i would expect that my input section would have enough flexibility to handle lower levels. i also would expect my tuner would amke a signal that saturated my output section enough would be audible disotion no matter what speaker or spl i gues you could take a digital meter read the ac voltage and plug that int ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...STR-DG800, VOLUME PROBLEM???? PLS. HELP.i read this as possibly a low input problem. he should be at distortion levels when at max volume no matter the spl. he should try the same test using the built in tuner. no exterior variables. he should hear some distotion mark ps blose has earned its nick mames inmo but it is an opinion[addsig]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Is it JUST ME??don't like the size, the weight,not 1 handed, cant control the dvd player w/o switching screens. The 2 way function doesn't work worth a darn Sure looks neat though, must be the marketing dept influence opi[addsig]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...damn its heavy and pretty, 9000After a bad back I came home the next day but thanks anyway some threads: at the bottom of the threads there are links to more threads deemed similar. [addsig]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...damn its heavy and pretty, 9000be back computers at the beach, (quivers) will do so then opi[addsig]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...damn its heavy and pretty, 9000the xovers are passive. The charge coupling supplys a small very small charge to te caps to keep them charged. I don't know what that does, keeps the signal from dropping over some voltage so it doesn't degrade. Something like that. you have to dbl up on the caps and then use quality ones and they are bypassed, again just regurgitating from memory. These xover are pretty intense to begin with according to the site I believe when done they will be standard biample, full range signal to sub and then full range to the rest and then these xovers will do thier magic. at least tha ..
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