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    Last 20 Forum Posts by hughmc
    ForumTopicPost Text
    Television Troublesh...50" lcd,, Small gold blemish behind the plastic scsounds like dead pixel...several out are "normal" or acceptable.  I nhav the same unit.  They almost all have 1-5 out.
    Television Misc and ...Widescreen or Fullscreen DVDs for KF-50we610?My point I was making about the brain mentally blocking out the black bars is that if you "think" about them  occasionally or constantly while watching a movie, then of course you will see them, as you are not attentively watching the movie at the times you are looking at and noticing the black bars.  Even if it for an instant, you are taking your focus off the movie.  This relates to hearing and the  human brain   subconciously blocking out the noisy air conditoner after time.
    Television Misc and ...Widescreen or Fullscreen DVDs for KF-50we610? Although at time I would like the screen to be "filled" visually, there are some important things to remember as to what the human brain/body does with senses, in this case more specifically sight.  After watching a movie in wide screen 2.35:1 for a short period of time we adjust mentally and visually to what we are watching.  The black bars are not even a "thought", and unless we "think" about them, they fall into the subconcious.  Hopefully if the movie is good enough we don't even take time to "rethink" about the bars being there. A good experiment to try ..
    Television Troublesh...KP-51WS510 - 720p QuestionFollow up...I was looking at your original post and I think I see the answer in your question and statement.  You said: " if i send a 720p signal from any of my xbox games .. with 720p the only setting on .. the tv will accept the signal but the service menu says the signal is only 480p".   You said "any" of your xbox games.  I believe most xbox games are not 720p, but are 480p.
    Television Troublesh...KP-51WS510 - 720p QuestionANT125:   The best of my knowledge no tv out there displays in both 720 or 1080i, they display in one or the other.  My KF50WE610 LCD Sony displays in 788p, its native format.  In fact it displays all the signals it accepts in 788p.  Your set, like mine, like almost all HD sets accept 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i, but then either up or downconvert. I don't know why it says 480p in the service menu.  I am wondering if the software you have in the xbox is actually 720p or 480p.  I don't have the x box.  I believe Toli does and maybe he can ..
    Television Troublesh...KP-51WS510 - 720p Questionant125: It is my understanding that any standard signal upcoverts to either 960i or 480p with this model.  I also thought the HD 720p signal is upconverted to 1080i which is the tv's HD display resolution, but I might be wrong.  Here is a line from a review on CNET about the model: Despite its relatively low price, the 510 is fully loaded. It displays HDTV at  1080i resolution  when connected to an external tuner. With standard programming, you get a choice of 480p or 960i.
    Television Installat...KF50WE610 with PC and home theatre integratedBigfoot_44: I had to do some playing around with the proper resolution due to the(KF50WE610) HDTV screen, but there are over 50, I lost count, choices of resolutions.  I chose 1152 x 648 32 bit color 60hz which gave me a perfect look that fits into my screen, nothing chopped off, no over or underscan.  I am using component cables not DVI since I have my Sony HD300 Sat box connected by DVI.  I am in time going to pursue using DVI cables for both when I get a DVI swtichbox.  I have tried DVI for my HTPC but there is no resolution with the AIW 9 ..
    Television Misc and ...Looking for the KF42WE610?robo34: If I may chime in here.  I have the KF50WE610 like Toli.  We have conversed quite a bit about the tv and its merits.  I would suggest waiting as you will be a getting a tv that can do just about anything.  From  HD and HT to HTPC, to gaming...dvd..on and on.  It is a great set that has a beautiful picture.  Its functionality makes it hard to beat except for plasmas, which it even gives them a challenge.  And then comparable plasmas in the same sizes cost double the LCD's, yet the PQ and functions of plasm ..
    Satellite Receiver/T...Sony HD 300 on sale at Circuit City onlineCircuit City is again selling the Sony HD300 on sale.  You can order it from the web or go to a store and they will match thier own web price. 
    Television Misc and ...So I decided on the 42we610Jgravatt: That was within a month or two of the sets coming out back in November.  They were not that high in demand back then and stores had them on the shelves.  I did some chewing down to get that price.  I know someone who said they were getting an employee discount on the 42 in and it would cost 1939.00.  Prior to them telling me the price I guessed that 2200.00 would be a good price for it.  Again if they have ot order and are in demand they will probably want full price.
    Television Misc and ...KF-XXWE610 and the big green monsterToli: Sorry I took a bit to get back.  You know how it is.  Once you turn the tv on it is hard to turn off to let it cool down to check the bulb.  I did tonight though and it is a Phillips.  This set is much better in terms of the dark background with no green tint at all.  The other had significant green tint.  My kids again being observers said the same thing. Like I said earlier it is still not a consistent dark across the whole screen, there is a lighter shade more like a gray on the right half, but it is not really an issue.  I bel ..
    Television Misc and ...So I decided on the 42we610ok.I may bum you out a bit on price issues...but...I bought the KF50WE610 from Circuit City in November 03.  It was on sale for 3199.00.  I got them down to 2699.00 plus 500.00 for the Extended warranty.  They also were offering 300.00 in merchandise cards on my purchase.  I needed other items anyway so I count that as having true value.  Warranty excluded I paid 2400.00 for the tv.  If you can get them down on the 42 in. say to 2200.00, not including the warranty, I think you would be doing well.  I got them to drop the price on mine to the 26 ..
    Television Misc and ...KF-XXWE610 and the big green monsterToli: I was wondering that also.  I haven't checked yet but the two sets I had were Phillips bulbs.  I will look later tonight when it is off for a while and I will let you know what bulb it is.  I have read quite a bit of threads on AVS forum.  Some there say it is the LCD greyscale and it is just the way the tv is.  Others seem to suggest it may be dust on the light engine or lcd panels or somewhere inside the unit.  I just know that now there is no green on my tv and I am happy. I wonder if where the bulb shines into which looks like a prism. ..
    Television Misc and ...KF-XXWE610 and the big green monsterI am happy to report that on my 3rd KF50WE610 there is no green tint what so ever.  It looks as I believe the tv should with no visible green glow.  The right half is slightly lighter or whiter gray than the left half.  Like the green tint the white is noticeable only on black background with no video input on, yet unlike the green tint it is no issue at all.  This is a vast improvement.  I have 3-4 pixels out, all blue, all very small and hard to detect except from a foot away or less.  The other had at least 5 out, two of which were huge and could be s ..
    Television Misc and ...Grand Wega bulb lifeNote to forum members: Toli is as addicted to his tv as I am running it at an average of 10 hours per day. Hughmc
    Television Misc and ...Grand Wega bulb lifeHere is an article from Cnet comparing LCD to DLP.  I talks about bulb life and cost, both from manufacturers claims.  I think with some time and effort more could be found on the topic.  Sony may give some info also by calling them.  1-800-222-7669 This is a start.
    Satellite Receiver/T...SAT HD300 AND THE TRUTH!...ENOUGH BSSony Customer Service: 1-800-222-7669 I would suggest when you get the automated menu that asks you to state your problem or question, to ignore it, (plus ignoring it keeps people in jobs).  It will do this several times.  It takes about 30 seconds, after which you will get options for speaking to someone about your type of product and issue.  I believe option 3 is for vdeo. Hugh
    DVDDVD IdiotSatyruss: Here is a link for the 425 model: Here is a link for Bestbuy with the 725 I have:
    DVDDVD IdiotSatyruss: Here is a link for the 425 model: Here is a link for Bestbuy with the 725 I have:
    DVDDVD IdiotSorry for the confusion in my first reply...I meant the US equivalent of the  Euro model 430 might be the US model 425.  The 425 sells here for 75 US.  Things might just be that much more there.? Toli...Help?
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