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    KDSR60XBR2, STRDA7100ES, DVPNS9100ES, RDRGX315, SLVN750, SSK90ED (x2), SSK70ED (x3), SSMB150H (x2), SAWX900 x 2, SAWX700 x 2, PS3 (60GB), Dell XPS M1710 w/ BD Burner, Xbox 360 w/ HD DVD, Gamecube, RMAV3000, HTPS 7000 SS MK2, AVS 2000 SS, HTUPS 500 x 2
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    Last 20 Forum Posts by edconline
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    Television Troublesh...60XBR2 constant flashing green power lightHey all, I recently noticed that whenever my 60XBR2 is on  the green power light flashes constantly. Everything seems to be working properly, however the light is always flashing. Is this something I need to be concerned about or is this a known problem/error code of some sort? Any assistance would be appreciated. Ed[addsig]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Replace the 7100ES with the 5300ES?Elderion: Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to audition the 5300ES where I live. However, one of my buddies that lives in the same building is buying one after christmas leave period, so I will have the opportunity to test it in my own system before helping him hook it up. Looking forward to seeing how it stacks up against the 7100! Still no luck getting the PS3 to work 7.1 with the 7100 and i haven't gotten a chance to test a stand alone blu ray unit with it yet. -Ed
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...DTS-HD Master on STR-DA5300ES & PS3mmenefee - You are correct in that the point of the bitstream setting is sending the unprocessed signal to the receiver for decoding, which your 5300ES can do. However, the PS3 has never been compatible with DTS-HDHR or DTS-HDMA as far as decoding it or passing it bitstream. We are hoping for a firmware update that will allow decoding of DTS-HD in the PS3 with the decoded LPCM signal sent to the receiver. There has been talk that DTS-HD can never be bitstreamed out of the PS3 due to an older HDMI 1.3 port. Time will tell if this is in fact the case. -Ed [ This message was edited ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Replace the 7100ES with the 5300ES?sherardp, Thanks for the info. I may have to go out and pick up a standalone BD player just to test this and make sure it is in fact the PS3 that is having issues :/ seems weird to me that this wouldnt work with the console, but that it probably the only way of finding out! I will post what i find out as soon as possible. -Ed
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Replace the 7100ES with the 5300ES?sherardp - For the PS3, there is an automatic setup of HDMI audio output. When I go there, the maximum level of output it enables is 5.1 channel/96khz. You can also go into it manually, which I did and select 7.1 channel up to 192khz, however I have tried all frequencies, 44.1, 48,96, etc and none of them work. What happens is, the multi-channel decoding light on the 7100ES turns off, none of the speaker channels show up on the screen and i hear only the front right and rear right speakers, the rear right having the dialogue. On my 7100ES, dec. priority is set to PCM, HDMI AUDIO to AMP, HD ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Who owns the 7100ES and uses a blu ray player withToli - Good to know, I have actually not seen the PS3 via component video before, but it's nice to know it looks excellent with this video connection as well! Hopefully, with an HDMI connection from your BDPS1 to the 7100, it will be able to pass 7.1 audio! Ed
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Who owns the 7100ES and uses a blu ray player withToli, Much appreciated! That would definately help clear up some questions. Im guessing you are running both the PS3 and the BDPS1 into the 7100ES via HDMI? Ed
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Who owns the 7100ES and uses a blu ray player withGreetings, I am curious how many people on here are using the 7100ES as their receiver and running a blu ray player HDMI into it? The reason I ask is I am curious as to whether or not anyone has been able to successfully listen to 7.1 PCM on the receiver... (Which would mean you own 'Waiting', 'Delta Farce', or at least 'The Descent' which has 6.1 PCM) I'm wondering if it is just the PS3 that isn't working with the 7100 in this manner or if people using standalone players are experiencing the same issue.. Thanks in advance! -Ed[addsig]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Replace the 7100ES with the 5300ES?Thank you for the insight guys. I think i'm still stuck in the same spot though as i am VERY reluctant to trade audio quality for features.. as far as the new video features, it has become apparent that there is a firmware update available thru the service center to allow the 7100ES to work with these. And as far as being able to decode the new audio formats, this is not such a big deal as i have confidence that the PS3 and perhaps other players will eventually be able to decode ALL of the new formats within the player and send them out to the receiver as LPCM. This leaves me with my one m ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...New STRDA4300ES QuestionsMNSACD - In reference to your fourth question : "4. I have a PS3 and am running and HDMI cable to the HDMI 1 input on the receiver.  From the HDMI out, I have an HDMI to DVI cable becuase my older sony TV only has a DVI input.   I have the amps HDMI audio setting to AMP only not AMP/TV.  When I try to configure the PS3 audio output it says the device cannot be used to accept HDMI audio.  I have Bitstream set on the PS3 instead of Linear PCM.  Any ideas on how I can get this to work??" I used to run this configuration (HDMI to DVI from the ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...7100es / HDMI / firmware versions / supported refrInteresting topic.. I am also very curious about this firmware update as this may solve my other issue (whether or not i should replace the 7100ES with a 5300ES). Does anyone have any info on why this update is not available online to do via RS232? It was my understanding that was why the port was on the receiver in the first place... If they can add x.v. Color support with an update, I'm wondering if support for a full 7.1 channels of LPCM can be added as well.... ? Hopefully someone can shed some light on this, I have little faith that calling Sony tech support would yield any additiona ..
    Blu-Ray/HD DVDCan BDP-S1 utilize HDMI 1.3 with firmware update?It  is true that HDMI 1.3 is required to transmit Dolby TrueHD bitstream out to a receiver for decoding. However, because all specs of HDMI support uncompressed PCM, it stands to reason that the in-player decoding of TrueHD could be added thru a firmware update and then the decoded TrueHD audio would be transmitted LPCM over the HDMI connection to the receiver. Same deal for Dolby Digital Plus. I too have read that the HDMI spec cannot be updated merely by software. Hope this helps! -Ed
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Replace the 7100ES with the 5300ES?It's interesting, i read another topic on this forum where it was posted: "yes the 7100 uses HDMI 1.1 which allows 192/ 24 7.1 LPCM and 60 fps 1080p. 1080p at 24 fps confuses the 7100, which she then corrupts. It' s upsetting cause the 7100 is OOP but still the flagship ES unit. Im really down on the new ES line as it is all based around the DG1000/ 3200es units. " Although it may be the case that HDMI 1.1 supports up to this level of audio, the 7100ES will only handle 96/24 5.1 LPCM thru HDMI as a maximum. When setting up the PS3 audio over HDMI and using the automatic setting, ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Replace the 7100ES with the 5300ES?Well, I've had the 7100ES for some time now and i couldn't be happier with most of the features or the audio quality/power. I was delighted when I bought my PS3 to find that the 7100ES would indeed pass 1080p to my XBR2 and supported Linear PCM up to 5.1ch/96Khz. However, as I buy more Blu Ray movies and the inclusion of 7.1ch LPCM and DTS HDMA 7.1 becomes more common, I'm left wondering how much i'm missing not being able to experience the discrete rear channels or the better audio quality of the new DTS formats (the PS3 already decodes TrueHD and passed it LPCM to the 7100ES). So, I'm lef ..
    Home Theater GalleryThe BD Home Theater!Mdriver, I purchased one of my SAWX900's several years ago when it was still new. I ordered it through the Sony store. The second one I managed to find at the Niagara Falls clearance Sony store when I was working for the Sony store as an employee several months ago. That was just pure luck as I checked the sku just to see the price and came across the last one for sale at any Sony store in Canada! I picked up two of the x700's several months ago to fill in the front, I am fairly happy with those as well. Ed[addsig]
    Home Theater GalleryThe BD Home Theater!Well finally pretty much everything has been upgraded, so I felt it was only appropriate to change the title of the HT and post new pics. I would have posted some right in here but i'm not sure how. There won't be any more upgrades for a LONG time i'm sure so these pics should remain the same for quite a while. Ed KDSR60XBR2, STRDA7100ES, DVPNS9100ES, RDRGX315, SLVN750, SSK90ED (x2), SSK70ED (x3), SSMB150H (x2), SAWX900 x 2, SAWX700 x 2, PS3 (60GB), Xbox 360 w/ HD DVD, Gamecube, RMAV3000, HTPS 7000 SS MK2, AVS ..
    Blu-Ray/HD DVDPS3 as a Blu Ray PlayerMaxx, There is no downsampling happening here, while the spec for Blu Ray allows 24 bit, 192Khz and 7.1 channels but it is up to the studios to choose the bitrate and sampling rate as well as wordlength they use on the disc. Sony has been using 5.1 48Khz, 16-bit uncompressed PCM on all of their titles while there is another studio using 5.1 48Khz, 24-bit on their linear PCM titles, i believe it's Disney but I'm not sure off the top of my head. One day we may see the full glorious 7.1 192Khz 24 bit audio but none of the discs are here yet. The audio bitrate,sampling rate and wordle ..
    Blu-Ray/HD DVDPS3 as a Blu Ray Player Well it's finally here: After a long wait I finally picked up my KDSR60XBR2 to replace my 3 years old 57" CRT HDTV. And I couldn't be happier with the picture quality, DVD's on it with the 9100ES look almost as good as HDTV did on my old tv. HDTV looks positively amazing both via my satellite and the over the air locals thru a set top antenna I just picked up. (That ATSC tuner really IS worth having in a new tv!) I also have the HD DVD drive for my XBOX 360 and most HD DVD titles are just gorgeous. So, wanting to test out more HD DVD's on the new TV, I went into the loc ..
    DVDDVPNS9100ES vs HD DVD Drive for Xbox 360rb, Since you have had the chance to see Blu Ray from the PS3 on the 70XBR2, have you also seen it from the VGCRC310G? That is how we have it running at my store right now as we do not have a PS3 or BDPS1 for demo yet... I am curious as to how the PS3 and the VAIO desktop compare, it was always me feeling that they would be very similar if not identical, and that the BDPS1 would be the solution for those looking for the ultimate quality. On the subject of the BDPS1, it seems that it will be releasing without the ability to decode Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, or DTS HD within t ..
    DVDDVPNS9100ES vs HD DVD Drive for Xbox 360Greetings, It has been some time since my last post as work has kept me quite busy. (Not much time for HT of late ) However, I managed to pick up an HD DVD Drive for my Xbox 360 recently. Now, you would be hard pressed to find a bigger advocate for Blu Ray then myself, in fact I often take it upon myself to intrude on random strangers conversations/debates about the merits of both formats to convert all involved to the Blu Ray cause. However, that being said, I felt that I needed to pick up an HD DVD player of some sort for myself to not only compare the two in my own ..
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