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    Last 20 Forum Posts by alberto116
    ForumTopicPost Text
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Problems with sound from LBT-D905CD setup...Hell Jim, I write again to you to perform a statment for other users with the same problem. I have changed the optical fiber-cable from the CD-unit but unfortunately the problem continue. (The CD music sporadically is not working/playing when the selector is in CD position). I observed that if the amplifier-unit was very near of the CD unit I could reproduce this problem!! When I moved away the CD-unit from the Amplifier-unit the system worked without problems. It can be a interference problem with coils of the transformer of one of the units produced by electromagnetic loss. ..
    Instruction and Serv...Sony SDP-D905 Service manualHello, in the following link you can download the SONY SDP-D905 and the SONY TA-D905 services manual: Good luck! Best regards Alberto
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Problems with sound from LBT-D905CD setup...Thank you Jim for the information. Best regards Alberto
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Problems with sound from LBT-D905CD setup...Hi Jim, It is strange, if moved only the modules. It could have a relation with the soldering components if it received a blow. In my case, I observe that the optical-fiber has a small breaking near the connector of the optical-fiber, but I am not secure if this is the problem. Thanks! Best regards Alberto
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Problems with sound from LBT-D905CD setup...Hello Jim, I am having a similar problem as you described in your post. This is, a move also the SONY LBT-D905 modules of place and after reconnected it the cables, the CD sometimes is not working/playing even though the CD-display are running OK(track nr., time increase,etc) with the selector to the CD-position. In this situation when I selected the tuner or tape the are working fine. On the other hand, when the CD works fine(I hear the CD-music) and I select the tuner or tape, I continue hearing the CD-music even though the selector is switched to the tuner or tape position ..
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