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    Last 20 Forum Posts by RRice
    ForumTopicPost Text
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codei cant open the private messages so i have no idea what you sent, i added my yahoo messenger so you can send me a msg thru there if ya want
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeheres a couple of screen shots for ya [ This message was edited by: RRice on 2011-08-02 00:35 ]
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeHi my program will run without the assist  cd program installed..but only for searching for service manuals by there doc numbers can simply type in the first 4 numbers of the 9893  and the program will batch search from 989300000 to 989399999 and list all valid manuals in a listview..once there listed you can put a check mark beside each one you want to download or right click on the list  and choose check all..then click download...right now the default location for all manuals is the default location from the cd but that can b ..
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeok if you choose open with acrobat from the preferences tab you'll get an error if you try to print the pdf's,,but if you use the ESIViewer you can print the pdf....there are however some files that seem to give an error tho,,but using the primoPDF program as suggested above can get around this problem. Also i don't need the user/pass for the web site..i solved the problem of opening the files without having the server running Ya don't even need a valid license number hehe actually don't even need the program installed
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codembt_junkyard just sent you an email..i got the save button fixed,,i forgot to select use acrobat as viewer from the prefernces page,,so that option is there now
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codewedgehog shoot me an email i lost your email addy..i found your manual,but the sch isnt part of it,,which shouldnt be a problem there are other models that use the same chassis
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeI've cracked the assist site from the assist cd,i can now search and download SM's without running there server software..however in order to view the pdf's requires the need to have the server connected...if anyone know how to view the protected pdf's without having the server running it would help me to complete my downloader and yes you'll receive it when it's finished
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeno i havnt had any luck with the most recent version of it or the older version of it,, mbt_junkyard  you said if  he needed the password to let you do you have the password for the pdf files or not?  I already know that the password for the pro pdf's that are downloaded is just a blank password,,so ridding those of any security restrictions is fairly easy. to be able to open any of the consumer pdf's without actually being logged in is a simple matter of printing to abode special software needed..files have no passwords at all when prin ..
    Television Troublesh...Manual document codeHey, mbt_junkyard  Is it too late to get that Pdf password from ya for the sony files, at the moment printing them to another pdf seems to remove the password altogether, but i have some here that wont open even with the pdf viewer. Would also like to point out that even tho the sonyassist site says manual 988826506 is listed,,there is no manual available for download. [ This message was edited by: RRice on 2011-07-23 02:22 ]
    Instruction and Serv...A note about Sony service manual linksI see and whats this..? Quote: On 2009-11-12 18:28, babyaservice wrote: How would I turn this non-working link into one that works?: yeah it doesnt work now,,but if it did?? it's posted in a public forum for all eys to see.and all who view it to use,,if that isn't providing SM to others lol then i don't know what is.
    Instruction and Serv...A note about Sony service manual linksSorry looks like the way i was getting the service manuals is now blocked as well.. hopefully it's just temporary. oh and give it a rest man, i'm not tellin ya how or where the service manuals are located,,nine time outa ten anyone wanting the manuals this bad is probably just gonna post em on a service manuals sold here web site or something anyway. I'm thinking it was a bad idea even mentioning i have access to well correction had access to them. you want the manuals try asking in sharefx or something. maybe someone in there can help ya ..
    Instruction and Serv...A note about Sony service manual linkssure i could , but i'm not gonna.. like i said posting that kinda stuff is how those links get canned... the LG site is already aware of this kinda thing and has opted to make everyone change there password every month until further notice. .i don't know about you but i hate having to change my passwords..let alone change it at the end of every month. I will send files or even upload them but thats as far as i go..right now the process i use to get them is working and want to keep it that way.
    Instruction and Serv...A note about Sony service manual
    Instruction and Serv...A note about Sony service manual links9-889-610-01 STR-DA3500ES Ver. 1.0 2009.08 9.13M 9-889-611-01 BDP-CX960 Ver. 1.0 2009.08 6.48M 9-889-616-01 121.08k 9-889-617-01 113.57k 9-889-619-01 116.05k
    Instruction and Serv...A note about Sony service manual linksthese are the only doc available in the range 988960* to 988961* 9-889-601-01  PRS-300  Ver. 1.0 2009.07    1.26M 9-889-602-01  PRS-600  Ver. 1.0 2009.07    0.99M 9-889-603-01  CDX-GT54UIW/GT540UI   Ver. 1.0 2009.08  2.07M 9-889-604-01  ICF-CS10iP   Ver. 1.0 2009.07  2pages  115.74K 9-889-606-01  MDR-EX38iP  Ver. 1.0 2009.07  2pages  120.51k i'll post again when i run thru 988961*  to 98 ..
    Instruction and Serv...A note about Sony service manual linksHi  ALL i know how to download the newer SM as well as the bulletins, I had a custom made html page that was working just as if i was logged in. however they have deleted or are updating the web site..cause now the search feature just says file not found error.. Anyway i can still download the SM's as long as you know ahead of time what manual you need. the old method of downloading SM's is still working but has only those docs that were there before the change over to web site. This  doesn't work anymore it's been chan ..
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