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    Last 20 Forum Posts by JamieF
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    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...STR-DA5800ES On 2012-10-22 06:45, Maxxwire wrote: To be fair both the ~$US 2,100 US model STR DA5800ES and the Yen ~230,000 ($US 3,459) TADA5800ES as well as the European version of the STR DA5800ES all have a Type A USB input, but what the much less expensive US model STR DA5800ES lacks is a fully functional high resolution 24/192k Hz USB DAC with a Type B USB input that connects it directly with all of the advanced software players, Music and Movies stored on the PC and its peripheral storage drives. Good quality 24/192 USB DACs are not cheap and Sony may have chosen to use a very capable USB DAC in ..
    Getting Started/Buil...KingstonI think it is a very nice product giving good functionality, acceptable sound and picture quality. It is great for small rooms or where you don't want too much volume (I bought ours for our kids room). The sound is pretty artificial. You don't notice this on DVD's, but listening to CD's isn't so great. A lot of this is down to the speakers - I plugged my Sennheiser HD600 headphones in, and it sounds fine. The system (amp and speakers) really can't cope with the full dynamic range of SACD, particularly classical. I find that to hear the detail in quieter passages, you need ..
    Getting Started/Buil...Question on connecting DVD to TV using Euro SCARTOkay, well you did ask... Component usually refers to YUV which is luminance (black & white signal: Y) and two color difference signals (U and V). U and V are lower bandwidth (or resolution) than Y, because we are less sensitive to color resolution, and storing less info means you can fit more on your storage medium. Color difference is a more efficient way of storing the color information. YUV has the synchronising signals on Y as well, hence just 3 connections. RGB is the full-blown version of component video (Red Green Blue). These correspond to the guns in your CRT TV. ..
    Getting Started/Buil...Question on connecting DVD to TV using Euro SCARTYou need a fully wired SCART to SCART lead to connect your two pieces of equipment and enjoy component video quality. Ignore the RCA component connectors on your 900, because the SCART supports RGB which is a better type of component video. Jamie
    DVDDVD to TV connection questionIf both your TV and your DVD support component connections, irrespective of HD or progressive, you'll get an improvement in picture (sharper, less noise). Progressive and HD will both give you further improvements. In each case, both bits of equipment need to support it. Jamie
    DVDSony DAV S550welby I've had a DAV-S550 for 2 weeks now - I have noticed a drop-off in the treble too. DVD's seem to be okay. I first noticed this on an SACD. However, it's quite difficult to make objective comparisons. My main hifi is significantly higher quality than the DAV, but the DAV is better than the TV. Maybe this is why DVDs seem okay and CDs don't. I've never seen a frequency response plot for one of these systems, but I suspect it's a bit scary. The sub doesn't integrate that well either - if you have it to one side, the soundstage is lop-sided. Not altogether su ..
    Getting Started/Buil...Sony DAV C450 - help with setup please!This isn't as easy as it should be. I haven't completely solved this yet. I can get TV sound - you must select the right input on the DAV using the Function button. However, I can't get video sound at the moment. If I turn the speakers off on the TV (KV28LS35), I don't seem to get any output on the RCA outs (or with the speakers on). This appears to be a fault. My biggest issue is that there is no RGB video input on the DAV. To get broadcast RGB from my STB, I have to go straight into the TV. I can connect audio from the STB to the DAV, but then there is nowhere to conn ..
    DVDDAV-S880I've had a DAV-S550 for 2 days now. I believe it is very similar to the 880, only less powerful and with smaller speakers. The power of the 550 is perfectly adequate for a room that is 4.5m x 3m for everyday usage. The sound is pretty good (I have a SCD-XA333ES SACD player and high end amp / speakers as a reference), though the bass/mid is characteristically coloured for small speaker systems like this. The overall package is very impressive, and I don't think anyone other than Sony could pull this off quite so well. CD, SACD, CD-RW, MP3, FM, AM, DVD and all the surround d ..
    DVDSubtitle Problem Fixed?I received my DAV-S550 yesterday (in the UK). No subtitle problems.
    DVDModded DAV systems in stockTechtronics in the UK are now showing DAV systems in stock ( They confirmed to me that they were on hold for firmware updates (presumably the subtitle problem). I should get my 550 shortly.
    DVDDAVS880 - Progressive ScanBasically, yes. 625-50 is UK, 525-60 is US component video. Most plasmas have pretty comprehensive inputs, so you should be okay. They all display a progressive picture because they are a dot matrix display. The advantage of feeding them with a progressive source is that they don't have to de-interlace internally, which cheaper models make a meal of. So you make get better picture quality with Region 1 discs. However, the SVideo output of the DAV (50/60Hz) looks very respectable, and this will work for all discs. Jamie
    DVDDAVS880 - Progressive ScanMike My understanding is that the component output of the DAV's are interlaced for 625 line 50Hz and progressive for 525 line 60Hz. I'm afraid I can't remember where I read this. I am getting a DAV-S550 shortly - all the DAV's are on hold until November until the subtitle firmware problem is fixed. Jamie
    DVDDAV-S500 wont play NTSC disc (to PAL TV in UK)Sounds like your TV to me. It doesn't support the NTSC colour signal, hence the B&W picture. Ideally, you need a TV that supports NTSC 3.58 and 4.43 as well as PAL. If you had a component input on the TV, you could try this. However, I think the DAV only outputs progressive in 525-line component. If your TV did this, it would certainly have full NTSC support anyway. Jamie
    Getting Started/Buil...SCART output question from a newbieI asked a similar question a while ago and got no reply. These systems don't tend to have SCARTs (originally a European connector) probably because they are designed for the global market, and maybe lack of space. I believe some come with some sort of SCART adaptor, though you can get SCART to RCA and mini-DIN cables. However, to connect a HTIB system to a TV, you need audio to the HTIB, and video to the TV, preferably SVideo or component. I haven't found a lead to do this.
    DVDRgb connection in sony dvdUse RGB - it looks better - here's why: VIDEO is short for "composite video" in this connection. A fully populated SCART can support both composite video and RGB. Composite video encodes the three TV color components of red, green and blue into luminance (brightness) and chrominance (color) and combines these into a single "composite" signal (for SVHS or SVideo the two are kept separate). A composite signal is convenient to broadcast, but doesn't give great quality. Going from composite (one signal) to SVideo (two signals), you get rid of "dot-crawl". Better VCRs ..
    DVDDreamSystem C990, Same subtitle problem as C770I ordered a DAV-S550 in August in the UK. I have just been told that Sony have confirmed there is a firmware problem, and that units will be available in early November.
    Getting Started/Buil...DAV-S550Does anyone in Europe have one of these yet? I have had one on order for a month now. If someone does, what TV interconnects / adaptors does it come with? I am wanting to connect SVideo to the TV, and take audio back from the TV to the DAV. I want to know in advance of getting the DAV, because SCART with SVideo in and audio out on phonos seem to be very hard to find (I know the DAV doesn't have a SCART). Thanks Jamie
    Television Installat...On-screen channel numbersThanks Dave. I was right, it was a silly question. There is an I+ button on the remote to turn this on and off. I could swear that I tried all the buttons.... finger trouble.
    Television Installat...On-screen channel numbersMay be a silly question, but how do I get rid of the incredibly annoying green on-screen channel numbers on my KV28LS35? Thanks
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