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    Last 20 Forum Posts by Fluggo
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    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...STR-DA7100ES and new HDMI boardHello I just found this ILINK board at EET Nordic . They are now checking what rev and firmware level it is on the board and will get back to me later today or tomorrow.. I'll post again as soon as I hear anything.. But as you have to move IC3001 from the old board over to the new it seems that you must flash the board with the new firmware after swapping the ILINK board or it will still be att the old firmware level.
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...STR-DA7100ES and new HDMI boardSo maybe this board is still availible for order from Japan ? Can someone here help us out with contacts and so on ?
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...STR-DA7100ES and new HDMI boardWhen did you get this HDMI board that was upgradeable ? I Talked to Sony here in Sweden who said in October that this HDMI board was no longer availible. I have the firmware update myself (the files) and the instruction on how to build the jig,so I just need the newer rev of the HDMI board.
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...STR-DA7100ES and new HDMI boardIm still waiting for a response on my DA7100ES. The repaircenter said they would talk to Sony about a refund or trading the amp in for something newer like the DA6400ES. As I understand it the DA6400ES while having more bells and whistles than the DA7100ES is not nearly as good as an amp as the DA7100ES. I have also read all the discussions (I think) about the newer ES amps is not as Hi End as they used to be. Any idea about why they are back to analog amps ? Is it just down to saving money ? I would really like to know what you guys had done in my situation but I think im gonna keep the amp ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...STR-DA7100ES and new HDMI boardHello<br />I own a STR-DA7100ES receiver and like it alot. I have read all threads I could find about the problem with XV Colour via HDMI. My amp does not support XV Colour as it is on firmware 1.11 and according to other threads this needs to be 1.12.<br /><br />Im looking for info about which amps needs the HDMI board replaced and which only needs the firmware upgrade as Sony says that they dont have the HDMI board anymore. Does anyone here know more about this?<br /><br />I found what I believe is a HDMI board here at and have mailed them with que ..
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