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    Last 20 Forum Posts by Elderion
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    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Sony STR-DA5700ES A/V Receiver ReviewThank you, Jehill. I just got a new multi-meter and I will try to take some resistance measurements when I replace the posts. Both stock and new, just to see if there are any correlations. Hope to do this in a few weeks.
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...New Sony ES speakers!Beautiful speakers.  I bet they sound amazing. More information: Home Theater Electronic House Techguide [ This message was edited by: Elderion on 2013-02-25 10:09 ]
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Sony STR-DA5700ES A/V Receiver ReviewThanks, Jehill. I suspect there are good size copper wires throughout these models. Do you have any knowledge on the binding posts materials? I am guessing that they are good brass with white metal coating (Nickel, silver, or rhodium)? Another great feature on the remote, the automation 1 and 2 buttons are excellent for changing speaker settings on the fly. For my case, I have the subs at -3 dbs when listening with the spouse and +2 dbs for solo listening sessions.
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Sony STR-DA5700ES A/V Receiver ReviewThank you, Jehill. That is excellent information. It is great to know that Sony has designed the 5700ES for high current flow.
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Sony STR-DA5700ES A/V Receiver ReviewHi guys, So after 2 weeks, I just wanted to give an update on my experience with the 5700ES. Been running the receiver for about 3 hours a day on average and I think it is still breaking in.  I am finding the SQ of this receiver to be very impressive.  Its stock SQ is very similar to my old fully modded receiver.  Very good separation, details, sound stage, and dynamics.  Plays very clean through bitstream HDMI.  Naturally sounding from top to bottom.  I think this receiver is really a great bargain at the current price.   ..
    Amp/Receiver/Speaker...Sony STR-DA5700ES A/V Receiver ReviewHi guys, I finally joined the club and became a proud Sony ES owner. Just got a new 5700ES in the home system for about two days. It's starting to open up and sounds great. Currently running in direct multi-channel RCAs and optical for comparison to my old setup. Will try HDMI and USB in the next few weeks. Already changed the power chord to Neotech NEP 3001/Furutech FI-11M directly solder to the "AC" board. I think another worthy upgrade will be changing out the binding posts and main RCAs to gold plated copper versions. Due to the layout, this will be quite a c ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...Behringer Amp ModHi guys, Just wanted to give an update on some of my mods for the Behringer EP2500.  The Behringer is used only to drive my subwoofer (<80hz) so I tried to keep the cost down as much as I can.   One of my first mod was replacing the power cord.  I followed Rickey lead here and used Carol 10 gauge cords with Hubbel hospital grade plug at one end.  At the other end, I directly solder the power cord to the transformer.  I found some standard non-magnetic electrical bushing at Lowe's to support the cable at the chassis/interface.   ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...It was just a cap bypass until things got out of hThanks, Maxx! It's been over 4 years now and I'm still really happy with these speakers, especially with the upgraded crossovers.  The guys at Dynaudio and Sonicraft were real helpful with my project.  Nice bunch of guys at great companies. Also, thanks for helping me with the Mogami wires and copper RCA sockets awhile back.  I got a chance to install the Mogami with a Vampire RCA socket in the Behringer EP2500 and they really brought the amp to life.  I will try to put up some pics of the upgrades in Rickey's EP1500 thread later with some feedback i ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...It was just a cap bypass until things got out of hHi Rickey, Nice work!  How are the MIT  wires working for you? I used Mills resistors and Obbligatos in my Dynaudio Audience crossover upgrades as well and they do sound very nice.  The MOX resistors are probably another notch up.  I am still using the stock wires and haven't decided on which wires to use.  Please let me know if you have a recommendation.  I'm thinking a viable option are some Neotech 3003.  I'm also thingking of upgrading the iron core inductors to film versions at a later date.  This is my Au ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...The AC Power Principals In ActionČHi guys, Maxx, you are correct that FIM doesn't give out much technical information on their products.  I just noticed that on the brochure that came with the outlet it stated: "High purity copper alloy to ensure high current conductivity" "...outlet is made of high quality copper and not UPOCC for technical reasons." So, I think your guess that the gripping mechanism is some kind of copper alloy is correct.  The grip is just as strong if not stronger than the P&S and tightening screws are definitely much harder. I went with the FIM 880 (G) based on Jeff @ Soni ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...The AC Power Principals In ActionČHi guys, Just wanted to post a quick update on my recent power upgrade.  Desiring as much copper  as possible in the connections from main power panel to my speakers, I have replaced my Pass & Seymour 5362A with a FIM880 (G) outlet earlier this week.  Right out of the box, the FIM 880(G) sounds much more robust and rich.  Bass is more dynamic and 3D depth is much deeper than the Pass & Seymour 5362A outlet.  Initially the highs sounded constrained, but after 10 hours of break-in, the highs are almost back to normal.  Details ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...Long Overdue Rythmik-Audio Servo-Sub ProjectHi Nick, Thanks for the information.   DIY is definitely the way to go, like you, I think it's a great learning tool.  I'm still learning and testing things out for myself as well.      From my experience.  I prefer sealed box to be inert as much as possible.  Like the IB guys, I believe a sealed sub rear energy should be decoupled  from the rest of the room, and I believe this is done with thick walls and good bracing.  I also feel that the dampening material for a sealed box is more important to absorb the h ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...Reference Wired RCA Socket UpgradeHi Maxx, Thanks for your help.  I found the information here: Looks like you are correct that the first number is the strand count per conductor and the second number looks like the diameter of each strand. edit: after checking the number of strands and diamter size, I'm not sure if the second number is the diameter size of the strand, what do you think?       [ This message was edited by: Elderion on 2008-02-26 15:33 ]
    Do It Yourself Home ...Reference Wired RCA Socket UpgradeHi Maxx, Thanks for the history.  Those OFC RCA looks amazing.  I marvel at the soldering skill of some of the more experience solder slingers like your friend and RickeyM.   The Vampires just came in and I'm still waiting on the Mogami wires to arrive.  I went ahead and bought some W2549 and W2534.  The conductors are listed as 20/0.12 OFC and 30/0.08 OFC for the two types of wires, can you guys clue me in on what those numbers mean? I discovered that most of my receiver video RCA's are magnetic, so I will be removing those from the Pann ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...Reference Wired RCA Socket UpgradeMaxx, I have listen to your advice and experience and have tried to put as much copper and gold into my system as possible, and the benefits have been awesome.      Thanks for the advice on the Vampire RCA.  I have a pair due to arrive tomorrow and can't wait to hear the copper benefit.  I have heard that the Furutech version is even more phenomal being OCC.  I will have to save up to try a pair ($62).   Rickey, like you, I have found that copper and copper with gold plating works wonder for my system too.  I tried s ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...Long Overdue Rythmik-Audio Servo-Sub ProjectAwesome job Nick!! The raw finished looks good.  Can't wait to see the final product.  Are you planning on staining or painting it?  Are you going to add some iron-on birch veneer to the plywood edges? The Rythmik kit definitely provides some of the cleanest bass out there and makes integration to your mains an easy chore like you have found.  Are you also finding that clean deep bass adds a smoothness to the lower midrange too?   Congrats on a job well done!    [ This message was edited by: Elderion on 2008-02 ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...Nichicon Muse CapacitorsHi lemon, The source I bought my Nichicon Muse from is handmade audio: The shipping was very prompt. Anothe site is located in Canada, I believe.   They are a little more expensive, but have a larger selection. I have heard from some industry experts that the gold tune KG are exceptional, Maxx.  That would partially explain why the DB930 is so highly regarded.  The more I tinker with my recei ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...Nichicon Muse CapacitorsHi Maxx, I have only tried the KZ in the Nichicon Muse family and I can say that it has a very refine presence.  Matching it with a nice bypass cap on my receiver have really made it a worth while modification (10,000uF added).  Before the Nichicon and Vishay caps, my receiver was slightly recessed in the midrange, but now,  I have found the midrange sonic signature between my Sony 46v3000 Television and my modded Panasonic SAXR55 receiver to be very similar and full.  I suspect there are a few muse capacitors in the Sony TV. ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...Long Overdue Rythmik-Audio Servo-Sub Project I'm not sure how important bracing or forward-firing is, but since the materials cost so little, I might just build another box and try that In my opinion, bracing is one of the most important part of the box, Nick.  Since unbraced length is the most significant variable in panel deflection, you want to have good bracing for a sealed box.  The end/corner connections are important too, and it looks like you have that well under control.   Adding mass to the box is a great thing too, it will help stablize the unit and absorb vibrations.  I wen ..
    Do It Yourself Home ...Reference Wired RCA Socket UpgradeRickeyM, You might as well give in now!   I'm trying to resist too, but it's a losing batlle. Nice to hear all the positive improvements the OFC RCA chain is reaping for you Maxx!   I have been looking into Vampire CM2FCB posts for awhile now ($12 each from Sonic Craft is reasonable, I think).  Do you guys have an opinion on these? [ This message was edited by: Elderion on 2008-02-20 17:19 ]
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