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    Television TroubleshootingSony Bravia KDL55HX800 3D LCD 7 blinking light errorstayathomedadof382014-04-21 15:57
    First 650 characters of this postIf anyone stumbles upon this thread due to the same issue, see below for information from SONY and a Certified In Home Service Tech from Sears. IT IS NOT THE BAL BOARD. The fact that the "service manual" states to start there is just dumb since I had a Certified Tech come and do an in home repair/diagnostic of my KDL-55HX800 (the same model just bigger). He basically stated this..... "Why did you replace the BAL Board and not start with the Power Supply?" After being here for about 45 minutes he ended up with the conclusion of the following which I will be doing as it is almost as
    Television TroubleshootingKDL-46XBR4 Redflipflopfloridian72014-04-15 07:05
    First 650 characters of this postWell,,I see there is no red STBY light only green power on light when turned on.. Also noticed with no ant connection the left 1/3 of the screen is a lot lighter than the right 2/3 of the screen..
    Amp/Receiver/Speakers/Connections/CablesBest use of a TA-FA3ES and 2 x TA-N55EStheboyrob42014-04-12 16:15
    First 650 characters of this postI've been using my TAF-A3Es and TA-N55es for sometime now and I'm very happy with the setup.I feed the 55ES from the preouts on the A3ES, the 55ES is used in stereo and bi wired to my Tannoy V4i speakers.I've managed to get another TA-N55es and i'm wondering what the best setup would be to utlise all three.I've been wondering If i can use them in mono mode and use one power amp to power each speaker but i'm struggling to work this out in my head!if anyone could help with the best setup and possibly a wiring diagram that would be much appreciated!
    Amp/Receiver/Speakers/Connections/CablesTA-N77ES restorationjehill122014-04-12 14:28
    First 650 characters of this postOn 2014-04-11 03:13, Helicopter wrote:I found smoked components: D312 - R316 - Q308 - Q312 - Q401 - Q405 - Q410. Furthermore I noticed that on one channel original output transistors 2S3856 were replaced by 2SC3263 (may be fakes ?). I just downloaded the service manual and took a look at it to determine where the components listed are located in the circuitry.  I see that Q405 and Q410 are co
    Amp/Receiver/Speakers/Connections/CablesSTR-DE545 Random Popping Sound and Distortion Centre Channeljehill42014-04-09 11:56
    First 650 characters of this post The service manual that I have applies to the STR-DE435/DE535/SE491/V424/V525 and covers the US, Canadian, AEP, E, Australian and Chinese models.  I am guessing that you need to be looking at drawing 3-12 in your service manual.  The point is that you need to look the PRINTED WIRING BOARD - POWER AMP SECTION drawing in order to start tracing the ground connection.
    DVDDVP-S9000ES Tray Wont Open, Green Screenk1v111682014-04-09 11:27
    First 650 characters of this postI\'ve looked at all the power supply rails on the scope not just at the supply output but at the VDD inputs of the ICs on the main board everything looks good. voltages are correct and no noise or instabilities. I\'ve checked the sensors related to the tray and everything appears to be working. I checked the power on reset IC107 and that seems to be working as well. Any other sensors I should look at? I realize its a long-shot but at the moment I\'m looking at IC101 (an EEPROM) on MB-91 I think this chip contains the firmware for IC102 (MB91107 a Fujitsu 32bit RISC microcont
    Amp/Receiver/Speakers/Connections/CablesBridged TA N 55 ES Beemserv32014-04-09 08:01
    First 650 characters of this postMy biggest concern is damaging these two amps so to play it safe ill just stick with the standard setup. The magnepan 1.6 qr are a four ohm speaker but I\'ve heard people speak of them as almost two ohm due to ther magnetic ribbon drivers. I think ill keep an eye out for a reasonably priced TA N 80 ES or something that won\'t need to be bridged to get more power. Thanks so much for your help and quick response.
    Blu-Ray/HD DVDComparison between Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray player ans BDP S550maverick1135932014-04-04 02:53
    First 650 characters of this post Hi guys , Had a couple of interesting days rostered off from work which gave me time to watch and compare my two blu-ray players. My interest was tweaked when I discovered my new little BDPs5100 is DSD (SACD) compatible .  My test parameters are simple,same HDMI cable connections and same power connections ,both have identical setup parameters internally and connected to my Integra dhc80.3 processor .Note  the BDPs550 has a “ATT” on audio setup which was turned off for comparison.
    Sony and Industry Related NewsSony PicturesSONYESP2822014-03-26 14:00
    First 650 characters of this postWEDNESDAY, MARCH 26INDIANA JONES---Walt Disney Studios is reportedly considering a reboot trilogy of the Indiana Jones franchise if Harrison Ford, 71, and the fifth movie don't come to fruition. According to the report, Frank Darabont (THE WALKING DEAD) has pitched a reboot concept to Disney, and the studio has Bradley Cooper as the top candidate to replace Ford.
    Amp/Receiver/Speakers/Connections/CablesHelp Needed Fixing Sony STRDB-930.Maxxwire182014-03-26 01:51
    First 650 characters of this postOn 2014-03-25 19:51, squonk wrote:I've ordered some of the recommended Furutech FP-3TS20 OCC cable, really looking forward to hear how the cable improves the sound squonk- I am also looking forward to hearing about how the Furutech OCC Single Crystal Copper power cable will effect the sound quality of your DB930QS which uses 230 volt AC power. I will also be interested to hear about how much the upgrade to an OCC Copper power cable alone will effect the sound quality of your Receiver in th
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