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    Television TroubleshootingSony Bravia KDL55HX800 3D LCD 7 blinking light errorjehill52014-04-14 19:46
    First 650 characters of this postFor the KDL55HX800, 7 blinks, pause, 7 blinks, etc. means "Temperature Error" and the possible location listed is "BAL Board". The part number for the "BAL Board" is A-1778-906-A.  You may purchase it for $177.63 at  Use the Part Number searc
    Television TroubleshootingKDL-46XBR4 Redflipflopfloridian42014-04-14 19:19
    First 650 characters of this postWorking on a Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR4...The color is affected in that the right 1/2 of the screen is mostly red,,meaning the flesh tones are bright red..people have a major sunburn lol..Tried adjusting all picture adjustments from menu and nothing seemed to make any difference in the color anomalies .. I also tried cleaning and resetting the ribbon cables from T-con to panel..On the left side of the screen the color seems to be normal,,but as you progress to the right the color gets red and darker overall..Any ideas ?
    Amp/Receiver/Speakers/Connections/CablesBridged TA N 55 ES Beemserv32014-04-08 22:52
    First 650 characters of this post I've viewed a few posts on this amplifier the sony TA N 55 ES and just purchased my second one to drive a pair of 1.6 Magnepan speakers. I've used this amplifier in a few other applications and have been very pleased with its performance. I plan to use each amplifier in mono mode bridged for this application. The pre amp used is a B&K AVR 507. It seems that due to the fact that the speakers have a 4 ohm load I shouldn't do so. If someone would confirm this for me I'll not risk things and use them elsewhere around the house and find another path to get a bit more of a full and warm sound o
    MD/CD/SACDSCD-XA5400ES Technical Background AVsonyfan12014-04-01 09:18
    First 650 characters of this postI was hoping that someone on here might have a copy or know where I might be able to download a copy of the technical background "white paper" that Sony released for the SCD-XA5400ES... I have the one regarding the SCD-XA9000ES but keen to see the developments inside the 5400ES.I did find a link to an old out-of-date page on r4pidshare and think the filename is:SCD-XA5400ES_Ve­r_1_0_0623_SEL.­zipApologies if it is already posted on here somewhere but a search did not reveal it.Thanks in advance!
    Television TroubleshootingWega KF-50W610 Dim Picturejehill52014-03-29 15:00
    First 650 characters of this postFirst of all, I didn't see this post before today.  How that could be, I don't know, since I check for posts daily.  Most likely it was a problem with Agoraquest.That said, why did you change the lamp in the first place?  I assume that the complete model number of your set is KF-50WE610, right?  If so, the Sony part number for the XL2100U LAMP BLOCK ASSY is A-1606-034-A.  Unfortunately, it no longer is in stock.  You might call 1-800-488-SONY (7669) to see when the part will be available of if there is a substitute part th
    Television Misc and NewsSony VPL-VW600ES 3D SXRD Projector ReviewNiteHawk12014-03-29 01:50
    First 650 characters of this postClick here for more information.  Again, if you have to ask about the price......
    Sony and Industry Related NewsSony virtual reality gogglesdragon5322014-03-26 11:54
    First 650 characters of this postUPDATE.Video on Sony's Project Morpheus virtual reality.Link:
    Television TroubleshootingSony KDL-52w5500 13 blinking then 14 lightgoulloux62014-03-21 19:42
    First 650 characters of this postThe best I could found are those documentation about smaller size screen this informations      [ This message was edited by: goulloux on 2014-03-21 19:48 ]
    Television TroubleshootingKDL 26L5000 Deadflipflopfloridian52014-03-21 10:03
    First 650 characters of this postHello all,I have a little Sony Bravia KDL26L5000 tv that was given to me not working...I did some basic voltage checks at the power supply and found only AC voltage going in,,but no DC voltage coming out to the mainboard...I ordered and replaced the power supply,,,still no DC coming out of power supply...I replaced the main board,,,still dead no power..Now I've got a inverter board coming,,,hey! running out of parts to got a idea what could be the problem or what else to check ?Thanks in advance,flipfl
    Amp/Receiver/Speakers/Connections/CablesTime to show off my setupMaxxwire32014-03-20 03:37
    First 650 characters of this postMeSo- Welcome to Agoraquest! How long has it taken you to amass your excellent collection of Sony ES gear?[addsig]
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