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Author Entering raw commands on Sony RDR-GX300/gx7 firmware dump

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  Posted: 2012-01-13 12:32


See my site here for information I have gathered on the rdr-gx300:

I have several questions about this model that I am curious to know.

One is, given the ability to see a command history in the service menu as shown on my site, how do you enter raw commands on this device? Does the CN103 port referenced in the service manual play a role? What format are these commands in?

Another is, has anyone been able to deobfuscate this firmware: Sony-DVD-Recorder-Firmware-RDR-GX7-v130-USA.rar

I've been told it appears to be an XOR-cipher with feedback, any comments? decrypting the file ROM_DATA.CM1 with a XOR-key of "acqjozo2_Q-NSQCX]Ho" seems to lead to some strings, such as _MVSFS. It seems to only be valid for a small portion of that one file though.

I did find something on mvsfs in reference to a product for video switching on a large scale, so maybe sony reused some code from that in their SYSCON in the RDR-GX300?

Just curious.

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