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Author KDL-46XBR4 or KDL-46EX500

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  Posted: 2011-02-02 22:13

I am faced with a dilemma... I have a 6 month old 46EX500 and a 3 year old 46XBR4 with a new display screen (compliments of Sony). I can only keep one of these. The EX is out of all warranty and the XBR has an extended warranty on the screen. They both look great, are both 1080p 120Hz. Specs are similar with the exception of Contrast ratio- The XBR is 18,000:1 while the EX is 150,000:1. The darks look a little better on the XBR but both pictures are excellent. The XBR does have much improved sound.  

So... Do I take the EX down off the wall and sell it and mount the XBR or do I just sell the XBR and be done with it? decisions decisions...