Details on Sony prices 2015 4K and Android TVs


We’ve known about Sony’s 4K-heavy 2015 lineup of TVs since CES in January, when the company announced their existence and posted detailed specifications on their features and differences.

In February when the prices leaked Sony neither confirmed no denied their accuracy, until now. A couple weeks before the first models start shipping, Sony has announced official pricing and put the TVs up for preorder on its site. It also gave CNET a hands-on peek at the new sets, complete with details on its HDR (high dynamic range) strategy.

Of fourteen new Sony TVs the company highlighted, ten have 4K resolution and all support the AndroidTV operating system. They range from 43 to 75 inches but skew mostly very large, with eight models at 65 or 75 inches. And they’re not cheap.

Here’s the full lineup:




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  1. William holland on

    I have a Sony kids-55a2000. TV starts to power up then powers down. Led blinks 4 times. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi,

      I would post this question in our forums since we have several members that can post the fix. The other option is to search our forums which I checked and there are several posts on couple of different fixes for KDS-55A2000 with four blinking lights.