Good News. Sony to Still Supporting the PlayStation 2


It’s good to know that Sony still cares about the PlayStation 2, or I guess at least that they know they can still make money off of it. SCEA’s head of PlayStation marketing John Koller told GamePro in a recent interview “We have a very firm stance – we’re going to continue to support the PS2 wholeheartedly.” With a lot of multi-platform titles still getting releases on the PS2 and also exclusives like Persona 4 still making money for the console it’s great that they will continue to support the system in 2010. Being a fan of the Persona series I was happy to see a release of part 4 here last year. So hopefully we will continue to see more great titles in the next year.

“The PS2 obviously had a price drop this year, which gets forgotten because of the PS3 noise, but it’s still selling exceedingly well. It’s a new demographic, a consumer that’s maybe a ‘lost gamer’ or a consumer that’s new to gaming.
“With this economy, coming in at $99, a lot of these consumers are choosing between a PlayStation 2 and a Wii, and you’re looking at a PS2, which is $99 and carries 2000 games.

“It’s been a very, very strong year with the PS2, and we’re going on our tenth year. It’s pretty unprecedented, and we’re not looking to slow down anytime soon. Next year will be another year where the PS2’s going to be fully supported. A lot of key games and titles are coming, both first and third-party. It’s going to be another big year for the PlayStation 2.”

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