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View topic - Trouble with my NWZ-A818

Trouble with my NWZ-A818

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by Dethklaat » Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:40 pm

Hey everyone.

Just like th subject states, I do have a small problem..

You see, I've been having some weird stuff happening with my mp3.. got it for christmas, and I've been really pleased with it.. except.. Now, my mp3 would synch properly with my computer, unless it's completely drained, and even then it crashes. Not my computer, just the screenshot from the mp3.. and it still works fine when my synch it there.. except I have to restart it a few times, before it at see the new files i've gotten.. a bit irritating, but thats not all.. My biggest problem is the harddisk.. When I conect it without being totally drained, it disconnects itself, regardless of with I was working on.. So, when I tried to delete some files and it disconnected, I seem to have lost that part of the memory forever..

Now I'm stuck with 1.9gb space, and I have tried dozens of things.. updating doesnt restore it, neither does format from it's own setting..

Anyone got some ideas?
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