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View topic - Hidden in the Warranty

Hidden in the Warranty

This Forum is for any other questions you might have and for discussions on the latest Sony television news.

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by gcgilman » Wed Sep 14, 2005 11:51 am

For a short while I was the proud owner of a KV-34XBR800. I am still within the warranty time (Sept 14, 2005), but the beautiful TV sits in my living room as a 250 lb shining box. I cannot even lift it to throw it away. SONY has declared that they will not fix it because there is evidence of corrosion. I live in California near the coast. I also have 5 other smaller TV's (NOT SONY) which are much older than this one, but evidently made with quality parts.
I have read the warranty repeated times, to find out why SONY  choses to make me feel like such a fool and an idiot for having purchased such a product, but I am unable to see where in the warranty this WARNING exists. Customer service declares that it is plainly written. See for yourself: "This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage due to acts of GOD, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use, or modification of, or to any part of the Product, including the antenna."
Because of the size of this TV, I certainly could not have dropped it into a bucket of water. I simply turned it on, enjoyed it, and then watched it die a very young death.
I have a question for SONY: How can a company from an island nation(surrounded by water) build a product which cannot last through its own warranty? Is this what we have to look forward to with SONY's  new Television Technology?
It may sound as if I'm angry. You have no idea how angry I am. To pay as much money as I did for this product, and not only watch it die, but also learn that the "RESPECTED COMPANY SONY" has turned its back on their product and their own warranty, makes me ashamed and furious!
May I warn anyone who is interested in making a SONY purchase that they are hiding things in their warranty. The warranty is not for your best interest, it's for SONY's, and they feel that they have a right to not express all of the hidden meanings. If you explore, you will find that other companies are far more honest.
My warning is: If you live in California, Florida, or any of the states that are near the water....(just count them!) you are going to be treated like a fool by SONY if you choose to purchase their products. They do not have the decency to say that in their warranty, but they are eager to turn their backs on you if there is a problem---and there will be.

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by thefaulkner » Wed Sep 14, 2005 1:00 pm

It's not Sony dictating that corrosion is not a warrantable situation. No manufacturer will cover corrosion, oxidization or similar causes for defects.

Do you have plants near the TV? Other possible sources of moisture?

Airborn "humidity" will not cause corrosion or oxidization.

Is it a Sony authorized service center that has deemed it to be a non-warrantable cause? Have you asked for a second opinion from another service provider?

I'm sure that if the TV has legitimately not been in contact with any liquid, that Sony will not have a problem repairing your set under warranty. The service people make zero if they don't repair the set, and make $$$ if they do. I'm sure it is in their best interest to repair the set, as long as it is not an obvious "warranty declined" situation.
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by jehill » Thu Sep 15, 2005 4:46 pm

You didn't violate the precautions in the Operating Instructions, which are as follows:

Water and Mositure
do not use power-line operated sets near water ---for example, near a bathtub, wasbowl, kitchen sink, or landry tub, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool, etc.

Obviously, the concern here is a shock hazard, not damage to the TV.  Your problem is salt water vapor in the air.  Salt water corrosion is wicked!  Its the reason that homes at the shore must have copper instead of aluminum electric service wiring.  I have seen circuit boards conatminated from salt water spray and it's a real mess.  The circuit boards could be cleaned, but it would probably be too time consuming for a repair shop to do it at a reasonable price.  Your KV-34XBR800 is probably more suseptible than your other sets due to far more complex and dense circuitry.  I would expect any equivalent set from other manufacturers to suffer the same difficulties.  The sets simply aren't designed to resist corrosion due to salt water spray.  If they were, the circuit boards would be conformal coated (sealed) to prevent entry.  This would dramatically increase the cost.
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by gcgilman » Tue Sep 20, 2005 2:49 pm

Thanks thefaulkner and Jehill for the responses.
Yes, I'm learning that other companies don't warrant against corrosion, either, but they have the decency to say it in the warranty.

What's in the future, then for these high tech devices? I suppose that it is assumed that we are going to use them only in "clean room" situations, and that we are at fault (ABUSE) when we chose to use them in home environment.

I appreciate the response. I know that it's always nice to know that someone is out there listening. SONY is certainly not responding in any way.

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by gmagill » Wed Sep 28, 2005 8:52 am

Interesting. I am seeing a trend here...

I have a brand new DCR-DVD101 digital camcorder that never worked since day one when I bought it. I have returned it to Sony and they responded stating it was damaged by corrosion and un-economical to repair and that corrosion damage was not part of the warranty.

I am now left with a $800 piece of useless plastic which they totally mutilated as they screwed it back together (screws wound in at incorrect angles stripping the threads, broken plastic around the case where tool marks show they tried to pry it open, etc).

How am I to prove that the camera was not already corroded before I bought it?

I think this is just a cheap way out for them because they do not make products that are robust enough for south Florida climates.

If anyone would knows of a similar problem please mail me at g_magill@hotmail.com

well, off to the legal department. Does anyone know a good lawyer?  
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