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View topic - Windows OS won't set up on Sony Vaio PCG-XG29

Windows OS won't set up on Sony Vaio PCG-XG29

This Forum is questions on any installation you could have with your Sony computer system (i.e. How to install, what wires go to where, what drivers need to be installed, etc...)

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by BDP » Sat Mar 28, 2009 6:28 am

Hello all and thank you in advance for your help.
I was given a SonyVaio PCG-XG29 notebook. It was running very slow. I checked the 18.1 gb hard drive on another computer and found various viruses on it. I formatted the disk to NTFS. IT has 2 partitions on the disk. 1 at 12GB and 1 at 5 GB. it also has 63MB in reserve on the disk that I couldn't get rid of. It siad it was for system resources.
I wanted to put windows 2000 pro on it as it's such a small HDD and it only has 128 mb ram. I found another 64 to put in it as well making it 192MB.
I put the W2K disc in and it started copying set up files. When it finishes copying it says 'Setting up Windows on your computer' still in the blue screen mode, but it just sits there and doesn't do anything.
I tried another W2K disk, same thing. I took out the extra 64MB memory and tried again, same thing. I tried my Win XP disk, same thing. It doesn't seem to matter what OS I try to use with or with out the extra memory. It just doesn't get past that screen.

The specs of the computer are a Pentium 3, 750mhz. Ram: 128MB up to 256 MB. HDD 18.1 GB and came originally with 98SE but is compataible with everthing up to and including Win XP.

As it was second hand I reeceived it with only the cd-rom, no floppy swap drive, no battery and a Win XP version on it.
The version looked a bit strange to me as on the desktop it had picture icons of a wastebasket, Briefcase, and about 2 other icons. They were different than normal windows icons. Larger and black.

There's not more that I can tell you. Any Ideas?
I would like to have this setup to use as a backup or childs computer for school.
Any ideas/solutions/links to additional downloads needed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your Help once again.
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