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View topic - Television Troubleshooting Information Packages

Television Troubleshooting Information Packages

This section has the most popular questions related to Sony products like What does the TV blinking lights mean?, What is Protect error, How do I change the TV lamp bulb and more. Only administrators/moderators can post in this forum.

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by jehill » Wed Feb 27, 2008 2:01 pm

Member jehill has graciously volunteered to email members a package from the list below in response to a private message (PM).  The packages typically include excerpts from the applicable Sony service documents.  Members my obtain a package by going to their Inbox at the bottom of the left column and sending jehill a PM containing the Package Title/Applicability and their email address.

DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR PM!  This will eliminate unecessary delay for you and time spent by me.

NOTE: Only members with 100 posts or premium members can use PM!

Package Title/Applicability

Intermittant shut down, blinked 4 times/KDFE50A10

No power RED Standby LED flashes 6  times/KDF55XS955, KDF60XS955, KDFE55A20, KDFE60A20

KDF55WF655 6 blinks/KDF42WE655, KDF50WE655, KDF55WF655, KDF55XS955, KDF60WF655, KDF60XS955

Shutdown 6 blinks Low HV Shutdown, Low B+ protection/KV32HS500, KV32HV600, KV34XBR800, KV36HS500, KV36XBR800, KV40XBR800

Lamp-Driver SB including lamp driver removal drawings/KF42WE610, KF50WE610, KF60WE610

Lamp door warped and possible no power condition/KDFxxWE655, KFxxWE610, KFxxWE620

Optical Assembly Cleaning Procedure/KF42WE610, KF50WE610, KF60WE610

Vertical colored lines across the entire screen, DIC block/KDF60XBR950, KDF70XBR950, KF42WE610, KF50WE610, KF60WE610

Multi-colored vertical lines across screen/KDF42WE655, KDF50WE655, KDF55WF655, KDF55XS955, KDF60WF655, KDF60XS955

Image Revision adjustment for Double Image. Ghosting/KF50XBR800, KF60DX100, KF60XBR800

9 Blinks, ZCD/KV27FS320, KV32FS120, KV32FS320, KV36FS120, KV36FS320

D board circuit failures/KV32HS420. KV32XBR400, KV32XBR450, KV36HS420, KV36XBR400, KV36XBR450

D board circuit failures/KV30XBR910, KV34XBR910

D board component replacements A1300417A and training manual/
KP51WS500, KP57WS500. KP65WS500

D board top component replacements and training manual/KP46WT510, KP51WS510, KP57WS510, KP65WS510

CRT replacements for CRTs no longer available

LCD panel inverter troubleshooting/Shutdown 4X blinking or half the screen is not lit

Replacing the TCON (timing control) board on LCD panels

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by claudio » Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:19 am

To Private Message other Agoraquest members, you need to either have 100 posts or become a premium member. Standard membership to Agoraquest is free and to upgrade to Premium Membership, it's only $12 per year and is instant.

We have received a few posts that the $12 membership fee is way too high.

There are several forums that I have been to where they blur out the responses from the moderators or top posters or don't let you post unless they upgrade to premium membership. Jehill has graciously offered to provide these documents to our members. If we did have PM available to everyone, he would get hundreds of emails which isn't fair to him.  There are other benefits as well to the Premium Membership which can be seen here

I see several threads where the service bulletin have helped our members get their TV back in working condition.. In fact it saves the owners $300 to $500 in repairs or better yet, not having to throw away the television. Normally, members have quotes of $400 to fix the television.  Furthermore, members pay hundreds of dollars for their television warranties so a $12 yearly fee doesn't sound unreasonable to me. I would understand people having problems if we charge $40 for a yearly membership.

I would think of the $12 as a warranty, who knows when you need to come back to Agoraquest with another Sony related issue. Premium membership forum threads are displayed on our homepage longer so they generally get faster and more responses to their posts.



Below are just a few of the people that been helped by the service bulletins that have fixed their televisions


if u do read this please understand that $12.00 saved me 450... thank you guys and if anyone need's my help, i will always check my inbox pm and personal email's from jehill and claudio.


I would like to thank jehill for the help he provided with the 6 blink issue.  The local repair shop quoted $400+ without even looking at the tv plus another $125 to pick it up.  Even though I am not a premium member of this site at this time I do visit frequently and when the time comes I will happily fork over $12 for the technical assistance this site can provide.  I won't forget to mention the money that can be saved fixing it yourself rather than being at the mercy of the "trained" service technicians.  ($4.80 fuse + $11.00 2 day shipping + 16.00 service manual = $31.80 repaired/ as opposed to $400+ for shotgun troubleshooting at a repair shop)



J/K:-p    ......worked like a charm :-)   Took me about 2 hours and almost half of that was to go and get a 20" #2 philips screwdriver. A 12" would have worked, but they did not have it. Other than than that, no problems . I paid $220 for the TV, $28  for (2) Thermal Fuses, and $11 for a screw driver. Now I have a decent 2nd TV :-)   Not as good as my KD-34XBR960, but not much is :



I just got done replacing the thermal fuse as per your SB and all is well again!    I, and most importantly the wife, just want to take the time to thank you so much for your help.  With your  instructions and this site, we have just saved ourselves alot of $$ not just for this time but also if it were to happen again in the future.  I am truley grateful for finding this site and just want to say you are THE MAN!!!



1 10" screwdriver                                  $12.00
1 Sony Thermal Fuse + shipping               $ 8.00
1 membership to agoraquest.com             $12.00
Fixing the thermal fuse myself on a KDF-55XS955 that was discarded at the curbside



I just wanted to say THANK YOU to jehill and tweepy for all your help. We replaced the fuse last night and the TV is working again. I couldn't have done it without your help.

Thanks again!!!!



We have a lot of SONY products in our house and after finding this forum earlier today I have to say it will be $12 well spent. I always run into something going on with our equipment and with a forum like this it will be good to know that I can ask for support and from what I've seen get quite a bit of it.

SPAD Chief


thanks to all of you who participated in this forum, is great i was able to fix my tv, and it was the thermal fuse.



Just an update...got my replacement fuse in and the tv is working normally again.  I made sure to clean all the fans to ensure the tv would be cooled properly.  After 2 days of use, all seems good.  My thanks to those who gave assistance, especiall jehill and jttar, but also to all those others whos posting added little bits of knowhow that I needed.  To those people with the same problem, I say go for it.  It is pretty easy to do and could save som big bucks.




Considering what I've seen requested for membership on many sites where professional advice is available, $12.00 (or 14.99 CDN) is a measly drop in the bucket, especially when compared to the repair savings! The troubleshooting package alone is worth more than that!



Just wanted to Thank you guys down there running this forum... yur infoand insight is PRICELESS... anyone who might be upset about the lousey$12 needs their head examined... It's far more than fair for the'service' you folks are providing! THANKS, and keep up the good work!!Peace Out, Paul


I tried an end run around this site and the $12 membership.  An utter waste of time.  Glad I ponied up!  If you need a six blink fix, get it here.  I requested the service bulletin at 10pm.  I picked up the new thermal fuse from a local dealer (who told me he'd NEVER seen a bad thermal fuse- it's ALWAYS the bulb) the next day at lunch, got home at 7pm and had working television before 9pm.  HINT- use a continuity tester to see if the fuse is open (blown).  If it is, hook up the new fuse and turn on the TV (briefly!)  If it works, follow the service bulletin and you will be back in business.  Thanks Jehill and Claudio!


well i dont know but after reading some posts here  my tv was off 4 awhile i turned it on and had the vertical lines kdf-60 model
unpugged it and plugged it back in 5-mins later it works fine
so try this first it worked 4 me oh yeah i think this site is priceless u guys are great
saved me alot of money just with the two fuses
i have 2 of theese models and wish i didnt but i wont buy any more sony products because sony wouldnt help me at all all they did was give me false info and try to send me a technician at $90.00 for the call and then by the hour and i would have had 2 different techs come out 1 could not do both tvs
i cant believe sony has all theese problems with theese tvs
like the opti block issue and only stood behind them 4 the year 2008 before or after your outta luck sony has changed over the years and i have everthing sony over the years if i could buy it in sony brand i did ive lost all my confidence in sony
and will now buy anything but sony prod i can get the kind of help sony offered from anybody and save alot on the inital purchase because we all know sony used to be top shelf
not in my eyes anymore great site guys $12.00 is a small price to pay 4 the knowledge that is here thanks again u guys are great


Thank You, jehill, for making this available.  We truly appreciate it.  


I just upgraded its worth every penny. Call a repairmen see how much he charges.

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by jehill » Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:03 am

You need to send me a private message in order for me to obtain your email address.  Take a look at How To Private Message Forum Members.
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