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View topic - Troubleshooting "Protector" Error on Receivers

Troubleshooting "Protector" Error on Receivers

This section has the most popular questions related to Sony products like What does the TV blinking lights mean?, What is Protect error, How do I change the TV lamp bulb and more. Only administrators/moderators can post in this forum.

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by jttar » Mon Feb 25, 2008 5:07 pm

When a receiver goes into “Protector” mode there is a problem with the wiring, speakers or the receiver itself. The receiver goes into this shut down to protect itself from further damage. This is not something that can be reset or turned off.

The most common cause of the “Protector” error is stray speaker wires touching the chassis of the receiver or another speaker wire connection. If the receiver goes into the “Protector” mode the first thing to check is all connections at the receivers speaker binding posts and also at each speaker themselves.

A damaged or “blown’ speaker can also cause the same error to occur. If a thorough inspection of all the speaker wire connections proves to be proper, the next step would be to power down the receiver and remove one of the speaker wire connections ( + and - ) from the receivers binding post. Next, power up the receiver and see if the fault is still present. By removing the speaker wires from the receivers binding post you are not only eliminating that speaker but also the wiring that powers the speaker. Damaged or shorted speaker wiring could be the culprit and not the speaker itself. Wiring run under carpeting or behind baseboards are subject to being worn through or pinched. Pets or rodents also may damage the wiring.

Continue to remove each speaker connection from the receiver one at a time to pinpoint which speaker or wiring may be causing the error. Remember to power down the receiver each time that you remove a speaker wire connection from the receiver. This is important as you can cause more damage to the receiver by trying to remove or install a speaker connection while the receiver is “live”.

For those who feel comfortable working inside of the receiver, removing the cover and testing for a blown fuse or fuses may be beneficial. If a new fuse solves the problem it is important to find what caused the short.

If after eliminating all of the speakers, wiring connections, and fuses the “Protector” error still exists there is a good possibility that one or more of the receivers transistor output channels are faulty. Unless you have the proper testing equipment and the troubleshooting skills to test the output channels it is best left up to a qualified tech. At this point an estimate of repairs would be in order.

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by SPCOOLIN » Mon Feb 25, 2008 6:14 pm

The purpose of this FAQ is to hopefully answer some of the most commonly asked questions...
If you have a different situation...Just post and ask in the Receiver Amp forum...We Love to Help....

First things first....

Protector showing up in your receiver display is Not a Function, and cannot be turned off without re-setting the receiver (shutting off & re-powering)

It generally means something is a-miss...It is as shown... Protector...To keep you from harming your pride & joy...

Many Times...It can be as simple as:

Any one speaker wire touching the case of the receiver...Or another speaker wire...

Then again it could be a shorted speaker or wire...Easiest way to find that is to disconnect Everything and try again (Please shut off the receiver every time you make a connection) then try connecting every one...One at a time...Till you may find the problem, Then go from there...

If the receiver will power up without anything connected...Then the problem is with with what's connected...

Now if that's not the answer...We have some other things to look at....

Does my receiver get hot ? (touch it after operating for a bit)...That's a good reason for Protector...

Is it in a cabinet ?

If so...Do I have enough air to it ?
Can I help by blowing a fan on it and see if that's the problem  ?

Do I have Hard to drive speakers ?
Well this one is a bit harder to explain....

Most "RECEIVERS"...Were built to to drive 8 ohm speakers...

If you have 4ohm speakers....Know that they are TWICE as hard for your Receiver to power as 8 ohm speakers are...This can overload ANY receiver not designed to drive them...

Most were not, or are not designed to (but some are)...Due to the marketing/cost factors of companies....You likely need to go to the upper class line of most manufactuers to drive the heavier load speakers because those models will have the heavier built power supplies and larger heat sinks to handle the extra load better...

If all of the above is not the answer....Sorry...But you may need service for a failed output device/channel etc...

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by jttar » Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:27 pm

ColleenWI posts:

Thanks for this post. I thought I was going to need to buy a new AM/FM stereo receiver to replace my aging STR-AV480 as other websites suggested only a transistor problem. After reading your post, I was able to determine a problem with the speaker wire in one place and no "protector" alerts for over 2 hours. I am HAPPY!

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