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View topic - Are the new BluRAy players better than the old BDP-5000ES?

Are the new BluRAy players better than the old BDP-5000ES?

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by submariner » Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:46 am

Being an old dinasour, and a "build quality fanatic" I gave up keeping up with new developements as each product release just seemed cheaper and nastier by the month.

I guess I was also totally satisfied, with the picture quality and sound, when paired with my 7100ES and the Loewe LCD TV ( IMO one of the best pictures around ).

My interest was kinda awoken when 4K surfaced but at such a price! I thought well lets see it drop, especially as the content is not their.

However hearing they had upscaling re-awoke my interest.

So a few questions,

1. Will the picture quality from say the flagship BDP-S7200 be better than my trusty BDP-S5000ES? Can a £240 plastic 2kg machine compete with a £1,300 besutifully crafted 10.8 kg machine.?
2. Does it reslly upscale normal 1080p Blu Ray discs well?
3. If I play a movie from say Netflix, will it look (not upscaled), as good as a BluRay disc on my 5000ES and will it sound as good?
Apologies but I am just so out of touch.
At least back in the old days 2007 to 2011, each new iteration seemed to be better ( more solid) built and had more features.
The build quality seems to have evaporated , but has technology got so good its worth me looking again.?
Any advice welcome
Thanks Peter
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