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View topic - BD's with Interactive audio

BD's with Interactive audio

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by andyross » Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:56 am

I'm watching Season 4 of "True Blood", and it has an enhanced viewing option. This includes times when it uses PIP-style commentary. I was hoping it would work better with my new receiver, which is using HDMI for audio and supports DTS-MA and everything else.

Unfortunately, it seems as if I STILL need to enable the stupid BD Audio mix on the receiver, and downgrade everything to PCM? There never was a way for the receiver to support the mixing instead of the BD player, which most likely only decodes the lossy core audio?

Given the fact that it can take 2-3 minutes to sit through all the unskippable crap on these disks before I get to the menus, going back and forth to turn the mix on and off is a PITA.
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