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View topic - "Black Crush" on PS3 via HDMi

"Black Crush" on PS3 via HDMi

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by scott1019 » Thu Oct 06, 2011 7:38 am

Have had my PS3 hooked up via a very high quality Belkin PureAV HDMi cable for the past 3 years to my current monitor and I have noticed no issues whatsoever, in fact, its resulted in the best video quality I have ever experienced.  

My monitor is a Panasonic 50" plasma.   It can accept any HD signal (including RGB) and as I mentioned before I have had absolutely no issues up until now.   It has been properly calibrated and all other inputs look fine (including the other HDMi inputs)    

Recently I noticed while watching the new Star Wars Blu-Ray's that the Black Levels are set too high.  I tried all of the recommendations by the PS3 geeks on other forums, and nothing has resolved the issue.   Its also now an issue with other DVD's I play.  Even when I raise the brightness all the way up on my monitor I am still experiencing what insiders call "Black crush", anything remotely close to black appears as black.  

I have tried swapping cables, changing inputs, and even another Blu-Ray player to try and diagnose the problem, everything appears to be fine with the monitor and cable..  The same content looks great on my other Blu-Ray player so its not something inherently wrong with the Blu-Ray either.  Could there simply just be something wrong with my PS3?   All the "experts" on the PS3 forums say that it must be the monitor or a setting, but I have tried them all.  

Is anyone here experiencing this same sort of problem?  Any ideas at all?   I was tempted to go to GameStop to get another PS3 just to see if its a firmware issue of some sort.  
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