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HD DVD Question

This forum addresses questions on Blu-Ray

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by videofiend » Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:52 am

On 2007-02-19 22:59, maverick11359 wrote:
Gaday Videofiend,
It's good to hear positive thoughts and progress with firmware upgrades for your XA1Toshiba HD-DVD player resolving its glitches .
Unfortunatley though those Toshiba customers out there that are not computer savy who purchased these units with out the knowledge of the Firmware upgrade will need help .These will be the casualtys Toshiba will have to contend with for probably releasing a unit a bit prematurely.
I'll try to help by passing this positive advice onto my customers(about the Firmware upgrade) ,but usually their in the older age group and don't wont to know or worry, they just don't want hassels with their new Home Theatre HD systems I install.

I'll still probably will give them the advice that it will be simpler to wait for 2nd , 3rd generation players to come out which will have the firmware upgrades already installed and hopefully be glitch free.

Cheers maverick

Updates are obtainable on both the internet, (Toshiba and a trusted 3rd party) as well as on disk from Toshiba (longest lead time). The disk would serve less knowledgeable folks well, and if they have a problem with that, they are likely to lose out on a lot of features of an HD disk player to begin with.

Sony has more than a few components that were and are updated with firmware changes. It is hardly anything revolutionary.

Anyone who thinks it is, I would agree has limited experience in the world of entertainment electronics beyond simple plug and play.

"Young"? Maverick:

I want to add, I would approach folks based on their knowledge, and not on their age.
Or you are likely to assume all young people are tech savvy, or alienate us older folks, including those retired in technical fields that probably established a lot of the technology we use today, know nothing.
It does not hurt to educate either. One of the most valuable services you can offer.
In my experience, being tech savvy and into high end and sophisticated entertainment is consistent. Of course there are always exceptions.

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