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View topic - SS-F7000 Driver Removal

SS-F7000 Driver Removal

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by RideTheSolarWinds » Thu May 17, 2012 7:49 am

Just to clarify for those wondering - The plastic surround on the drivers does indeed have molded plastic screws in it. Get something really thin (I recommend covering it in a cloth to avoid damage) like a knife or flat screwdriver and pry the edges of the plastic surround off. Do it slowly and lightly as the plastic is very rigid, and you want to make sure you slightly lift all the way around so it doesn't snap from excess pressure on one side. You'll then remove the surround with your fingers (they are held in very securely so a little bit of force is required).

Underneath the drivers are regular phillips head screws in the exact same position as the false plastic screws. Unscrew them and you are good to go!
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