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View topic - Sony Equivalent components

Sony Equivalent components

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by lincolnkorg » Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:17 pm

Hello folks!!

I am new to his site and not sure if I am in the right place. My apologies if I am not.

I am trying to fix a sony HCD VX333 which apparently came up with a "Protec, Push Power" error message, I am not a pro but a hobbist with electronics from India. After going through the forum, which was very helpful, I noticed the fusiable reistors open and a few transistors that need to be replaced, the problem is, I am unable to find these components in Bangalore as these components are not in our market yet!!! This is a 7 year old system, anyways, the transistors I need are N1F4M, A1F4M and A1A4M, I can give you the location of these if required going through the service manual, but if somone can help me with some older transistors which can be substitued with this which would be available so that I can easily purchase them and see if that fixes the problem.

Any help will be much appreciated.....

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Sony Fan
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